Mars Hill Eats

What would it look like for our community to eat at the same restaurant on the same day?

Day Of Details:

Daddy Pete's BBQ

Thursday, July 21

Hours of Operation: 11am - 7pm or til sold out

About Daddy Pete's BBQ: They offer a great variety of meats and sides, including lip-smacking-good BBQ like brisket and ribs. Their top seller? A BBQ sundae called the “Hot Mess.” It’s served in a funnel cake during the prime summer months, and it includes smoked baked beans, a layer of six-cheese mac and cheese, pulled pork and coleslaw. You know you want it!

Their Standard Menu

Their Plant-Based Menu

Location: 2921 Eastern Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI 49508

Why Are We Doing This?

As a Jesus People for the sake of the world, we strive to spread love and compassion right here in our local communities. One way for us to live out this mission together is to collectively support Women-owned and Black-owned businesses in and around Grandville and Grand Rapids. 

Beginning in June, we'll choose a local restaurant to feature. We invite you to check it out with your friends, family, House Church, or maybe order takeout for your office. You can even purchase gift cards.

Let’s show tangible support for the people behind these establishments that make our city, communities and neighborhoods more vibrant and meaningful, and let's bring the comforting and encouraging grace and peace of Jesus in this challenging time for many business owners. 

Mars Hill Eats—for the sake of the world!

Where Have We Eaten So Far?

40 Acres Soul Kitchen

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