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Email Brian [] if you're Interested in leading a House Church or group.


Life is better together. We host fun, friendly, and intentional gatherings meant to bring our community closer, foster relationships, and fuel us up for life’s journey. Find the group that’s right for you!

House Churches

House churches meet consistently from September through May, with natural on- and off-ramps built in over the summer. So while we expect that every group will take on its own personality and emphasis, the biggest common denominator you’ll see among house churches is an intentional commitment to a group of people within our community for a longer period of time than some of our other offerings.

Common Interest

  • Torah Club

    Learn the Scriptures the way Jesus did by joining the oldest Bible study around.
  • Zumba

    Zumba is a fun, energetic dance fitness class that focuses on cardio, balance, muscle conditioning, and flexibility to help you get in shape.
  • Explore + Engage: Men's Group

    Men, join us to find community with men of all ages as we explore and engage scripture through a variety of mediums and grow together in the knowledge of God.
  • God's Children of the Sixties

    Ages 55+, this group is for you! Come get to know your fellow Mars Hill Seniors.
  • Grand Rapids Running Group

    Come and join a group of gloriously amateur runners in our quest to avoid the post-pandemic body.
  • Embrace Friendship Club

    This bi-weekly evening is crafted with a lens of being disability and neurodiversity welcoming, yet inclusive of all.
  • C.S. Lewis Book Club

    One of the most influential and beloved Christian authors of the last 100 years, C.S. Lewis has written countless books that are worthy of our time and attention.
  • Once Upon a Time: Bible Stories 101

    The goal of this study is to help us learn and communicate to the children in our lives what these stories teach us about God's character [who God is] and nature [how God acts].
  • Support + Recovery

  • Al-Anon

    This fellowship of relatives and friends of those with addictions comes together to share their experiences in order to gain strength and hope for themselves and their loved ones.
  • Overeaters Anonymous

    Is food a problem for you? Do you eat when you’re not hungry? Do you binge, purge, or restrict? Is your weight affecting your life? Overeaters Anonymous is a fellowship of individuals who, through shared experience, strength, and hope, are recovering from compulsive overeating.
  • Short Circles

  • Connections + Conversations: Women's Short Circle

    Many of us are yearning for connections and conversations beyond passing the peace at church. This is an invitation to be together.
  • Classes

    Dig deep into focused areas of study with our team of specialized teachers.


  • Covenant Class

    The Mars Hill Covenant Class is an opportunity for anyone curious about what it means to formally join in relationship with the church.
  • Marriage

  • Pre-Marriage

    Are you engaged and seeking premarital counsel? Our 3-week Pre- Marriage Class will help guide you through topics including conflict resolution, communication, sexual intimacy, finances, and spiritual oneness.
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