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We are committed to engaging the most marginalized people, places, and issues in our region and around the world. Our approach is to balance our immediate relief efforts with long-term development efforts—working for systemic change that gets at root causes whenever possible. 

Racial Initiatives

Simply put, people of color are disproportionately affected in any area of injustice or inequity that you can imagine. It is more often the rule than the exception that our brothers and sisters of color face bias and prejudice in such a way that their basic humanity, worth, safety, and ability to use their God-given potential is too often thwarted. 

And the Church has not only been complacent in its response, but historically churches have been complicit or the cause of great injustices. We say, no more. We want to repent, to do justice, to empower and uplift those who have been marginalized.

Here's a list of organizations we partner with:


     is a leading national organization located in Grand Rapids, MI devoted to achieving healthcare parity for African Americans.

  • I AM Academy

    helps to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline systems within educational institutions through mentorships with students and community partnerships.

  • Resources for Fighting Racism

    As a community, we are committed to service—to moving our resources and ourselves in response to human need. Focusing largely on the most vulnerable, we’ve established a framework of investing in 4 main initiatives at a time, so that we can maintain our collective focus and make the greatest impact. Locally and globally, our skills, experiences, resources, and heartbeat meet around forgotten places, people, and issues.

  • Ready To Be Mobilized?

    Here's list of opportunities specifically related towards working for racial reconciliation.

Displaced People

The number of refugees and internally displaced people numbers over 65 million worldwide, more than half of whom are children. We cannot sit idly by while these beloved individuals and families lack access to basic human rights or are marginalized within our own “communities.”

Here's a list of organizations we partner with:

  • Bethany Christian Services

    helps all adult refugees within five years of arrival to prepare for, obtain, maintain, and retain employment.

  • Cards For Prisoners With 70 x 7

    restores the lives of those affected by incarceration. We come alongside each person, showing the love of Christ and providing the instruction, guidance, resources, and opportunities for a new, godly life.

  • Family Promise - Interfaith Hospitality Network

    provides shelter, meals, and connections for unhoused families by partnering with 40 congregations throughout Greater Grand Rapids to provide overnight rooms and hospitality.

  • AYA Youth Collective

    A holistic array of support for a young adult experiencing homelessness: access to care from a nurse, help looking for a job, meet with a counselor or mentor, to find transitional housing, or simply experience moments of safety and belonging.

  • Mel Trotter Ministries

    exists to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ, through rescue and restoration for anyone experiencing hunger and homelessness.

  • Partners Relief + Development

    acts by providing emergency relief during acute crisis events and by working with communities of displaced families to design sustainable development initiatives that transform community wellbeing, improve health and education, and provide a nurturing environment for children.

  • Sacred Beginnings

    is the first survivor-led peer mentored program in Michigan for those who have been sexually exploited/trafficked.

  • Safe Haven

    follows Christ’s example and being motivated by our community needs, their mission is to prevent and end relationship abuse.

  • Solutions to End Exploitation [SEE]

    The staff at SEE are known nationally for their expertise in understanding, preventing, and stopping trafficking at the root level.

  • Tenclay Refugee Expertise

    is provided by JJ Tenclay, the Refugees Ministry Coordinator for RCA Global Missions.

  • Treetops Collective

    is a cross-cultural movement that connects with and invests in New American women leaders, together transforming our communities into places of belonging.

  • Ready To Be Mobilized?

    Here's list of opportunities specifically related serving to displaced people.

Vulnerable Children

At the local, national, and global levels, children are grappling with houselessness, violence, injustice, and mental health issues. Our Mobilization ministry answers the plea of these children by collaborating with organizations that directly engage in aiding them to transition from vulnerability to a state of flourishing.

  • Bundle Up Burton

    For over a decade, our community has been providing coats, mittens, and hats to Burton Elementary School students, believing that parents should not have to pick between buying diapers for one kiddo or winter gear for another. 

  • Campus Elementary

    is situated in close proximity to MLK park and our Grand Rapids location. We understand the lack of morale teachers, administrators, and students can feel due to COVID, national unrest, and violence in schools around the country.

  • Affinity Mentoring

    facilitates equitable growth in academics, social emotional skills, and self-esteem through mutually beneficial mentoring relationships in Grand Rapids.

  • Jenison + Grandville Public Schools

    Hundreds of dollars of gas cards are given to help single mamas and their kiddos get to appointments, jobs, school, and running necessary errands. No public transit makes this essential.

  • Setshabelo Family and Child Services [SFCS]

    provides counseling for traumatized children, temporary safe care for abandoned children, foster care, and in-country adoption in the Free State Province of South Africa.

  • Ready To Be Mobilized?

    Here's list of opportunities specifically related to serving vulnerable children.

Clean Water Justice

Water is a justice issue. It’s a systemic issue. If you don’t have clean water, you can’t bathe or wash your uniform for school or work. You can’t avoid water-borne illness. You cannot live or love well, let alone thrive.

Here's a list of organizations we partner with:

  • 20 Liters

    makes dirty water clean for the most vulnerable through long-lasting and innovative solutions.

  • Ready To Be Mobilized?

    Here's list of opportunities specifically related to providing clean water.

Mobilization Incubator + Grassroots

Help us create a world where the creativity, passion, and drive of Jesus’ followers carve out spaces of belonging, opportunity, and strength for those who need it most. Our Mobilization Incubator helps us capture the needs, opportunities, and ideas that our congregation sees in our midst all year long— seeking to organically unite like-minded people with the social capital and resources to move them forward. The Grassroots Grants takes this even further, funding fully formed projects proposals, whether for-profit or nonprofit, that can make measurable change in the world. 

  • Grassroots Grants

    The Grassroots Grant seeks to empower individuals, start-up organizations, and local churches to bring their new ideas, solutions, and passions to life. We recognize that our goal of making measurable change is best achieved through a diversity of people who have unique vision, influence, passions, and skills.

    Grassroots Grants are on hold until further notice.