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We are committed to engaging the most marginalized people, places, and issues in our region and around the world. Our approach is to balance our immediate relief efforts with long-term development efforts –working for systemic change that gets at root causes whenever possible. 

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Racial Initiatives

Simply put, people of color are disproportionately affected in any area of injustice or inequity that you can imagine (including those above). It is more often the rule than the exception that our brothers and sisters of color face bias and prejudice in such a way that their basic humanity, worth, safety, and ability to use their God-given potential is too often thwarted. . And the Church has not only been complacent in its response, but historically churches have been complicit or the cause of great injustices. We say, no more. We want to repent, to do justice, to empower and uplift those who have been marginalized.

  • Resources for Fighting Racism

    As a community, we are committed to service—to moving our resources and ourselves in response to human need. Focusing largely on the most vulnerable, we’ve established a framework of investing in 4 main initiatives at a time, so that we can maintain our collective focus and make the greatest impact. Locally and globally, our skills, experiences, resources, and heartbeat meet around forgotten places, people, and issues.


    We are partnering with GRAAHI on an initiative to decrease the infant and birth giver mortality in the Black community where evidence shows racism and implicit bias causes the most hardship. Our commitment is to train birth doulas or birth assistants.

  • Setshabelo Family and Child Services [SFCS]

    In partnership with RCA Global Missions and Bethany Global, we provided funding to support the staff and programs in Botshabelo, South Africa where 30,000 orphans live. We plan to travel to Botshabelo, South Africa in 2023 with representatives from Mars Hill. Let us know if you would like to come.

  • I AM Academy

    Because we appreciate the racial equity work that gets done on the high end of achievement, we support I AM Academy by providing mentorship, sponsoring the kids activities at their annual Juneteenth Celebration in Holland, MI, and learning from them best practices for community collaboration and youth engagement. We also provide resources and funding for the organization’s mission, and staff including their annual I AM winter gala fundraiser.

Displaced People

The number of refugees and internally displaced people numbers over 65 million worldwide, more than half of whom are children.. We cannot sit idly by while these beloved individuals and families lack access to basic human rights or are marginalized within our own “communities.”

  • Treetops Collective

    Our funding has allowed TC staff to develop relationships with New Americans women and girls, connect them with others within the Grand Rapids community, and help them find their footing in school, work, and everyday life. Since their location is such a critical part of their work, Mars Hill also provided a lead gift in helping them purchase their building on the SE side of Grand Rapids.

  • Bethany Christian Services

    Helping Siblings At The Border

    Because of your Joy Box giving, we are able to sponsor 20 pairs of siblings, moving them out of a temporary large border facility into loving foster homes until they can be reunited with family.

Vulnerable Children

  • Affinity Mentoring

    Affinity Mentoring champions, empowers, and serves kids and families in some of the most under-resourced schools in the Grand Rapids.

Clean Water Justice

Water is a justice issue. It’s a systemic issue. If you don’t have clean water, you can’t bathe or wash your uniform for school or work. You can’t avoid water-borne illness. You cannot live or love well, let alone thrive.

  • 20 Liters

    Started by a handful of passionate volunteers and officially launched by Mars Hill as an independent non-profit, volunteers from 4-94 y.o. have been assembling and shipping water filters to Rwanda ever since. And Mars Hill families look forward to walking in solidarity to/from a water collection site during the annual 20L Walk for Water. We are still amazed that $100 provides clean water for one family for ten years.

Mobilization Incubator + Grassroots

Help us create a world where the creativity, passion, and drive of Jesus’ followers carve out spaces of belonging, opportunity, and strength for those who need it most. Our Mobilization Incubator helps us capture the needs, opportunities, and ideas that our congregation sees in our midst all year long— seeking to organically unite like-minded people with the social capital and resources to move them forward. The Grassroots Grants takes this even further, funding fully formed projects proposals, whether for-profit or nonprofit, that can make measurable change in the world. 

  • Mobilization Incubator

    The current landscape - in our homes, city, and world – has surfaced some new needs, ideas, and opportunities all around us. As a church that desires to be Outward- and Outreach-focused, sensitive to the Spirit, and empowering of the whole body of Christ, we want to give an opportunity for people in our congregation to share what they are seeing + sensing: What are the needs, ideas and opportunities that you cannot shake? What are the strategies or creative ideas you have that could help meet those needs?

  • Grassroots Grants

    The Grassroots Grant seeks to empower individuals, start-up organizations, and local churches to bring their new ideas, solutions, and passions to life. We recognize that our goal of making measurable change is best achieved through a diversity of people who have unique vision, influence, passions, and skills.

    Grassroots Grants are on hold until further notice.