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Jesus is the most recognizable name in human history. Some believe him to be the Messiah while others applaude him as a good teacher, or a political revolutionary, or a prophetic voice speaking out against injustices. Others find him old-fashioned and narrow minded, even as they are forced to admit that his words and teachings are utterly unique. No matter where you land on your opinion of him, his reputation infuses our discussions and our dinner table debates, Jesus’ influence is on everyone making him impossible to ignore.

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August 09, 2020

Right Under Your Nose - John 10
Ashlee Eiland | August 09, 2020
  • Three Last Words

    August 02, 2020
  • The Next Chapter

    July 26, 2020
  • Messiah, Following Jesus Through John - Telling You Plainly - John 10:22-28

    July 19, 2020
  • Messiah, Following Jesus Through John – John 10:1-19

    July 12, 2020

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Directions 2.0

5 Teachings


5 Teachings

What Is It To You? (John 21) - Rob Bell

1 Teachings

The New Exodus - Babylon

1 Teachings

The New Exodus - Jerusalem

1 Teachings

The New Exodus - Sinai

1 Teachings

The New Exodus - Egypt

1 Teachings

Enough Dirt for my Mule - Rob Bell

1 Teachings

God is Fathering Us - Donald Miller

1 Teachings

The Ignorable Calling - Craig Gross

1 Teachings

Praying With An Ache - Rob Bell

1 Teachings

Making Ripples - Mike Breaux

1 Teachings

The Theology of Freedom - Dr. Don Davis

1 Teachings

Growing Smaller and Smaller - Shane Claiborne

1 Teachings

Unfamiliar Passions of God - Gary Haugen

1 Teachings - Mike Foster and Craig Gross

1 Teachings

The Mother God - Rob Bell

1 Teachings

The Simple Way - Shane Claiborne

1 Teachings
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