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Below are free downloads of the most recent 12 weeks of teachings from our Sunday Gatherings. The media available includes an audio file each week, and when available we post Slides and a Deep Sheet [notes to accompany the teaching] too. Weekly Deeper Sheets [questions to guide personal reflection or group discussion] may also become available in the days following a teaching.

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Date   Teaching   Resources [PDF]
09.27.15 Metamorphei: Week Three
09.20.15 Metamorphei: Week Two
09.13.15 Metamorphei: Week One
09.06.15 Parables: The Great Feast
08.30.15 Parables: The Persistent Friend
08.23.15 Parables: Wheat + Tares
08.16.15 Parables: Lost Sheep
08.09.15 Parables: Rich Man + Lazarus
08.02.15 Parables: Pearl Of Great Price
07.26.15 Parables: Unjust Steward
07.19.15 Parables: Unmerciful Servant
07.12.15 Parables: The Tenants

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