Mars Hill

The White Bucket Project

The White Bucket Project is based on the idea that within our community, one person may have more than enough, while at the same time somebody else has so much need they can’t see their way out. The first church of Jesus-followers wasn’t OK with this inequality. “Everything in common” is what it says in Acts 2. So we desire to be that church that offers itself to those in need. Want to get involved? Here’s how you can give or receive from The White Bucket Project.

Give To The White Bucket

You can help support those within our community who are in need by giving financially to The White Bucket Project. Giving online is simple. Just click “Give Now” below, sign in, and select “The White Bucket Project” as your designated fund.

Give Now

Or if you’d be willing to serve on our White Bucket team, we are currently looking for individuals who could serve as benevolence advisers, or offer pro-bono acts of service, such as car repair, dental or vision care, and legal advice, on an as needed basis. If you’d be interested in serving in this way, please contact to learn more.

Get Help From The White Bucket

For those with basic urgent needs, it is our desire to help. Our main restriction is that this is only available to individuals who have been attending Mars Hill regularly for at least three months, as well as those who are being journeyed with and referred by a regular Mars Hill Attendee.

To get the process started please download and fill out this assessment form. Once you return the completed form to Mars Hill you will be contacted by a benevolence advisor to set up a consultation meeting to help determine the best ways for Mars Hill or other agencies to come around you financially at this time.

Contact Us

If you’d like to talk with a pastor, learn more about our Counselors, celebrate a birth, or learn how we might be able to journey with you through your current circumstance, contact us.