Join our team of staff and volunteers in teaching Mars Hill kids the way of Jesus. In Babies, you’ll do this by helping to take great care of our little ones by holding them, playing with them, talking with them about Jesus, and demonstrating that he loves them.

Serve 3-year-olds to Kindergartners with us, as we teach kids that they belong to God, that Jesus loves them, and that he has a job for them to do. We have plenty of opportunities for volunteers in Preschool + Kindergarten, and we hope you’ll join us!

Join our team of staff and volunteers as we work together to teach kids the way of Jesus. You’ll be part of creating teaching environments that invite kids to participate in Identity, Belonging, and Mission, building relationships with 1st through 5th grade students as we teach them who God is and who he created them to be.

Serve with us during the week. In Mars Hill Kids, we have a number of important roles to fill and responsibilities to accomplish in getting ready for Sundays. To find out more or for application options, simply click on a role title below.


We have a number of roles to support our Mars Hill Student programs. To find out more simply click on the role below.

Sunday nights from 4:30-6pm, you’ll hear laughter, giggles, and lots of conversation coming from the South Hallway, where Echo meets. Every week, 6th, 7th and 8th graders get together to build lasting relationships, learn, and experience life with each other and with loving adults. RELA Nights [“ree-lay”, short for relationship] take place the last Sunday of every other month, and these nights are dedicated to building relationships within LifeGroups outside the normal environment.

Echo needs volunteers who want to walk alongside junior high students learning to live life better for God, who are willing to spend more than just a Sunday night loving students, and who desire to be part of a community that shares the same passions.

The following are ways you can serve with the.element:

Anthem meets every Sunday from 4:30-6pm in the Student Room. During Anthem, high school students experience teaching, worship, serving, LifeGroups, and snacks with their grade-specific families. Anthem is the lives of many rising up as one. Together, we’re helping each other live the best kind of life—the life God made us to live.

Community Life

Every week people from the Mars Hill community seek to live out the way of Jesus by developing friendships, pursuing wholeness, and sharing life together.  The various groups and shorts circles we offer are a great way to make a big place seem more like family, and an opportunity to follow the way of Jesus with like-minded people. To learn more or to apply, click on the positions below.

House Churches provide an arena for participants to intentionally and faithfully live out the way of Jesus in community. Focused on the six Directions [values] of Mars Hill, House Church Leaders will create environments for honest conversation, prayer, meaningful service, and—ultimately—transformation. To learn more or to apply, click on the position below.

The Education Ministry at Mars Hill fulfills the mission of Mars Hill by providing individuals and communities with age-appropriate, inclusive, and learner-centered resources and environments to discover and grow their Identity, Belonging, and Mission. If you have a specific area of skill and expertise, and would like to teach a class in this area, apply to teach a class now.

Congregational Care

Our Special Needs staff and volunteers make it possible for kids and adults with special needs, along with their families, to be fully engaged in the activities of the church. We’d love it if you would volunteer with us!

In both formal and informal pastoring roles, there are a number of volunteer opportunities available to those who have a pastoral spirit and a desire to be part of meaningful and/or difficult times in others’ lives. For more info and links to applications, click on the role titles below.


Burton Elementary [located in SE Grand Rapids] is home to some of the most under-resourced children in Grand Rapids, with 98% of its students receiving reduced-cost or free lunches because their households are at or below the poverty level. You can invest in these children in a number of ways. From mentoring a student each week to serving as a prayer partner or other Mentor Support Team member— there is an opportunity for everyone. Click a link below to visit our partner, Affinity Mentoring, and learn more.

Over the past ten years, Mars Hill has developed a partnership with World Relief Rwanda, to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters there. Through engaging village counsels, we have learned that their biggest need is simply clean water. This knowledge developed into solutions, and those solutions into a non-profit organization—20 Liters.

To find out more on how you can engage with our water initiative through 20 Liters, please visit We’re always looking for those interested in raising awareness or fundraising.

The White Bucket Project is a venture in sharing resources as a Mars Hill family. Those who have money to spare are invited to give to our white buckets, and those who have financial need are invited to formally request assistance from the funds. Click below to find out how you can volunteer with White Bucket.

Would you be willing to mentor our Grassroots grantees? As Grassroot Grant recipients are looking to grow in many different ways, we are looking for a variety of mentors with diverse skill sets to provide a listening ear and walk with our grantees. Email to learn more.

If you’ve got a green thumb, we’d love to have your guidance as we work together to make the garden grow. Next spring, we will be in need of a new leader who can plan the garden, and work alongside our community members to help it grow. Email to learn more.


Our weekly Sunday Gatherings wouldn’t be possible without teams of volunteers contributing their efforts, whether in highly visible roles or behind the scenes. If you’re interested in serving with our staff and volunteers on Sunday mornings or if you’d simply like more information, click on the role titles below.

Worship at Mars Hill happens in a variety of ways and in a number of places around our facility. If you’re interested in volunteering in music and worship, click on the role titles below to find out more info as well as links for applying to serve.

Several volunteer teams at Mars Hill are responsible for helping to create a friendly, welcoming environment for our community members and guests on Sundays. If you enjoy taking care of details and making others feel at home, we hope you’ll consider serving with us! Click on the role titles below to learn more or to find links for applying.


At special events throughout the year, there are a number of key volunteer roles that help make everything run well and on schedule. If you’re interested in helping us pull off the logistics or if you’d simply like to find out more, click on the volunteer titles below.

Stop by the Mars Hill office and stay a while!

We have a number of volunteer administrative roles and responsibilities that you can help fill. From entering info into computers to stapling, collating, and filing to answering the phone, we’d love it if you’d consider serving with us. Click on one of the role titles below to find out more and for a link to apply.

If you’ve been to Mars Hill, you know we’re not about having a fancy facility or extravagant grounds. Still, we have a number of important volunteer roles that help with upkeep, cleanliness, and order around our building. Click on a role title below for more information and a link to apply.

There are a number of important weekly and one-time volunteer opportunities that take place within our facility, and we’d love it if you’d consider helping out. To learn more and find links for applying, click on the role titles below.

Each of our ministry areas is in need of clear and creative messaging about what they’re up to, and that’s a big job. Help us communicate well to our community members and guests by signing up to serve with writing and/or editing. Click on the role titles below for more information and links to apply.