Echo Family Coach

Echo [6th, 7th, + 8th grade]

A student’s parents will always be the biggest influence in their lives in every way—especially spiritually. So if we [the church] want to see students start owning their faith, partnering with the most powerful, influential people in their lives is a huge priority.

A Family Coach is a parent of a student involved at Echo who understands that parents and the church need each other. A Family Coach will encourage, support, and help connect a group of parents to each other and to the church.

Varies but expect 1-2 hours a week

South Entrance / Room M2

Complete application, 2 references, 2 background checks, and interview with Ministry Pastor

A Family Coach encourages, supports, and connects with parents. Coaches show up to ministry programs as needed. Coaches work closely with LifeGroup leaders and Echo ministry pastor to create opportunities for parents to get to know each other and to champion the priority of partnering with parents in the spiritual formation of their sons/daughters.

LIVE –  a Family Coach lives the best kind of life by actively pursuing:

  • truth through the study of the Bible
  • the restoration of all things including himself/herself
  • wholeness – mind, body, soul, emotions, and experiences all offered together to God
  • community – a life that was never meant to be lived along
  • choices that make him/her a compelling force for good
  • the belief that hope is real and tomorrow can be better

SHOW UP – Family Coaches show up by

  • Building relationships with other parents
  • Communicating with parents through email, social media, phone calls, text messaging, etc.
  • Planning 2 events or activities per ministry year to help connect parents with each other
  • Building relationships with LifeGroup leaders
  • Attending occasional meetings, programs, and events as needed
  • Regular communication with Echo ministry pastor
  • The MHS Leader’s Retreat

RELATE – Family Coaches encourage community and build relationships with parents of middle school students. They commit to pray for and know a group of parents and LifeGroup Leaders so they can love God, our students, each other, and the world.

PASTOR – A Family Coach is a pastor, Christ’s gift to the church to help equip and encourage parents in their spiritual calling to lead and nurture the faith development of their own children.

  • Inspire parents to discover who God made them to be and who he’s called them to be in the world and in their family. Be available to walk with parents through difficult issues that arise in their own families and/or connecting them to the support and resources they need
  • Actively look for ways to love and support parentsHAVE QUESTIONS?
    Email and we’d be happy to talk with you more.
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