Short Circle Leader

Short Circles are a place to build relationships in the midst of conversations about what we are learning and experiencing from the Sunday teaching series, or another form of content used as a conversation catalyst. These small groups [8-12 people] typically meet for 6-8 weeks in the fall and/or winter. While this is a great short-term entry point into connection, for many it develops into lasting friendships or even a longer-term group (though the latter is not required).

Mars Hill Community Life

Leading a Short Circle comes with 2 primary responsibilities. First, we ask the facilitator to create a warm, hospitable environment where people find it easy to meet and connect with others. Secondly, the leader facilitates the conversation with the aid of a discussion guide. An application process and some initial leadership orientation/training are required.

A successful Short Circle Leader is likely to display spiritual commitment, emotional intelligence, and capacity for engaging others and facilitating discussion.

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