Hall Monitor [Babies]

Our Hall Monitors in Babies assist the Babies Director during the Gathering. The Hall Monitors are there to keep babies safe while the director is in the Shed or in the rooms helping volunteers.

Mars Hill Kids

Volunteers on this team will always be in the Babies hallway during the Gathering. The Hall Monitors must be in Babies when the Gathering begins and may leave when the Gathering ends. Hall Monitors are a huge help to the Babies Director as one person must always be in the hall at all times.

We’re looking for people who enjoy young children and are good at consoling children who are upset. Hall Monitors must be comfortable being the only person in the hall in the Babies area during the Gathering. They are also there for the room volunteers if they happen to need anything. Hall monitors will also need to be familiar with Babies procedures including calling parents in the Shed and filling out incident reports, all of which can be taught before volunteering.

Email Kids@marshill.org and we’d be happy to talk with you more.

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