Group Hospitality

Perhaps group facilitation is not your cup of tea, but providing a hospitable home for a short circle or ongoing group to land is right up your alley.

Mars Hill Community Life

You’re happy to roll out the red carpet—a warm welcome, comfortable seating area and some snacks, perhaps—and then let the group facilitator work their conversational magic in whatever may be the group’s purpose or task. Some groups are ongoing (weekly or biweekly, for a semester or a year), while some groups are short-term (such as 6-8 week Short Circles).

A successful host is friendly, attentive to detail and the needs of a group, and communicative with the facilitator of the group, as well as Mars Hill, as needed. A host’s home is a clean and peaceful setting, and has enough space for at least 10 people to gather comfortably. For more details, click on the link to fill out an application and meet with one of our Community Life staff. If you have questions or would like to learn more before showing interest, please email

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