Common Interest Group Leader

Do you love to __________? Are you passionate about ________? Think others would love to join you?

Mars Hill Community Life

Common Interest groups are spearheaded by passionate, gifted persons in our community who are interested in gathering people around a common activity, passion, purpose, or stage of life. Our leaders focus on providing and facilitating a community where people can connect, grow, heal, and/or serve.

New groups begin in September and January. An application process and some initial leadership orientation/training are required.

In general, group leaders will display spiritual commitment, emotional intelligence, and an interest/capacity for providing hospitality to those in her/his care. Since this a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure sort of group, qualifications vary. For more details, fill out an application and meet with one of our Community Life staff to discuss your idea. If you have questions or would like to learn more before showing interest, please email

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