Benevolence Advisers

The White Bucket Project is a way for the people of Mars Hill to share our financial resources with one another and others, both giving what we have and receiving what we need. You can help us faithfully steward funds collected as part of The White Bucket Project by serving as a Benevolence Adviser.

The White Bucket Project

We’ll connect you with community members demonstrating financial need, whom you’ll arrange to meet with in a public place [church, coffee shop, library] in order to discuss next steps and possibilities. Afterward you’ll submit an assessment to our Benevolence Ministry, recommending action steps for both the applicant and the church, in order to cover a 90-day window. Training and assessment guides are provided, and this ongoing volunteer role requires a time commitment of 3-5 hours per week.

A background in finance is required, and volunteers must have expertise in budgeting. Those applying should also demonstrate a pastoral spirit, especially when interacting with applicants. Familiarity with local community aid resources is also helpful, though not necessary.

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