Citizens: Becoming Healers In An Age Of Division

2020, an election year, is just around the corner. No matter one’s political persuasion, we each can testify that the nation is suffering from deep wounds, deeper division, and utter exhaustion. This January, we want to be thoughtful about what it means to be the Church in a divided moment. We seek to ask questions like, how does being citizens of heaven shape the way we show up as citizens on earth? And might we find new ways to create better conversations that lead to humanizing, healing, and hope despite differences? We are aware that many organizations and affiliations are not interested in those kinds of restorative questions. Perhaps it is the perfect moment for us to rethink our challenges as opportunities to be further formed as a Jesus people for the sake of the world. Rest assured, this series’ heartbeat is unity and peacemaking, and we will refuse to be partisan. We’re not interested in telling you how to vote, as we trust that the Holy Spirit is in you, guiding you toward policies you sense will create a better world for everyone. We are interested in a conversation on Kingdom principles that will shape the way we view our political moment. We also want to be challenged about what it looks like to listen well, become curious, cultivate the fruit of God’s Spirit, and open to the possibility that we each need expanding within our perspectives.

We hope you’ll join us in January as we prepare ourselves for the year ahead. Award winning author and speaker, Skye Jethani, will also join us in this series to help navigate our steps. We think this year, though it will present its fair share of challenges, will also present opportunities to be formed into Christ-likeness and bear witness to God’s good reign over all the earth.

Soli Deo Gloria,

AJ Sherrill & Ashlee Eiland