Messiah: Following Jesus Through John

Jesus is the most recognizable name in human history. Some believe him to be the Messiah while others applaude him as a good teacher, or a political revolutionary, or a prophetic voice speaking out against injustices. Others find him old-fashioned and narrow minded, even as they are forced to admit that his words and teachings are utterly unique. No matter where you land on your opinion of him, his reputation infuses our discussions and our dinner table debates, Jesus’ influence is on everyone making him impossible to ignore.

For many, the Jesus we meet is nothing more than a kindly man with children on his lap and a smile on his face. He is presented as a good person, a positive influence, a mixture of Mr. Rogers and Tony Robbins. The Jesus of American Christianity is meek, gentle, safe, and fun, always ready to be your best friend.

When we dig more deeply into the Bible, we discover a very different picture. Be warned. If you investigate Jesus beyond the superficial glance most give him today you will be challenged and confronted. Jesus creates in each person who encounters him a crisis of faith, forcing us to a point of decision.

Our journey through the Gospel of John will confront you with the real Jesus of history, asking you to wrestle with the teachings, claims, and actions of the man who has forever altered the course of human history. Every person must make their own decision about Jesus, choosing how they will live in light of the answers they discover about this amazing [God] man.