Who am I? What is my place? Why am I here? These are the questions that shape choices, values, actions, and relationships in a person’s life. But the answers to these three questions are fuzzy unless we know how to ask three more.

Who is God? What is the Church? Why was Jesus here? By learning to view the world and ourselves through the lens of these three core questions, we’re able to have clarity and understanding about the first three too. In knowing God, we discover our identity. In experiencing the life of the Church, we find belonging. In following Jesus, we’re given mission. Three questions answered by three more questions—and in each of our students programs, the point is to leave asking.

Our Programs

Mars Hill Students programs take place on Sunday nights from September to May.

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[Grades 6-8] Sundays / 4:30-6pm / Room E3


[Grades 9-12] Sundays / 4:30-6pm / Student Room