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Water is basic.

We need it to live.

To get water, most of us go to the kitchen faucet, the bathroom sink, the hallway drinking fountain, the bottled water sold in grocery stores and gas stations.

But over a billion people around the world lack access to clean water and suffer terribly because of it. In Rwanda, most have to grab a bucket, jug, or jerry can and walk for miles until they reach the river or a local pond. The water may be discolored from pollution, and though it will probably make them sick—water-borne illnesses are the leading cause of death in children under five worldwide—they drink it.

It’s the best they’ve got.

Water is also incredibly symbolic.

Life with God all begins with thirst, the thirst for something more, the thirst for the kind of life we were created for—

And ultimately, the thirst for God.

[includes 7 teachings]


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