Seven Deadly Sins [Lent 2013]


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We all know what it means to be broken. Every one of us sins, fails, and falls. But what does it mean to be whole? And how do we get there?

Perhaps it begins by starting at the root sins in our lives: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. They’re 7 sins we all share. They’re what arises when we meet deeply human desires in destructive ways. They’re the patterns we engage in that break down the shalom of God, both inside our own hearts and across all of humanity.

So during this Lent, we invited you to be brave and honest with yourself. We invited you to enter into this season of self-examination by recognizing your own impulses toward each of the 7 deadly sins, and staring your brokenness in the face. Because ultimately that’s what it takes to be free—a life-long journey of recognizing, repenting, and resurrecting.


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