Religion, Rites + Rituals


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I’m interested in God, but not religion. It’s a phrase we hear
over and over again, but what does it even mean? Is religion simply
something we created? A tool for controlling and dividing?

believe so. Some even take it as far as to suggest that Jesus was
against religion. They even propose that religion has caused so much
pain and division in the world that it should just be thrown out.

should it? We can’t deny that religion has had a storied past. But is
that really all there is to it? Or could there be more? Are there sacred
moments inside its rites and rituals?

We spend 11 weeks exploring the rites and rituals of religion and asking why? Why do we meet on Sundays? Why are people baptized? What’s communion all about? How are we to treat sacred space and time?


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