Pastoral Appointments

Pastoral appointments are available Monday-Thursday from 9am-4:30pm and on Sunday mornings. If you need to talk with or pray with a pastor, please call 616.249.3337 to set up a time. Or fill out our contact form and someone will contact you shortly. If this is an after-hours emergency, please call 616.249.3337 to be connected with our Crisis Line. Help is available for you.


Our pastoral team is made up of individuals in our community who are gifted in supporting others through life’s most challenging circumstances. If you would like someone to sit with you during a hospital stay or simply someone to come and pray with you in your home, please call 616.249.3337 or email

Sunday Care Team

Each Sunday, a team of caring individuals from our community make themselves available around our stage after our Gathering to offer the community a listening ear and prayer support. Just look for the green tags, or if you’d prefer to submit a prayer request privately, fill out a card in our Prayer Room [located in the SW corner of the Shed] or online.


When someone you love passes away you are not alone. We have pastors available to meet with you and/or officiate the service. We also have rooms available for the service during our open building hours. Please contact us at 616.249.3337.


Mars Hill Pastors are available to officiate your wedding ceremony. Visit our Marriage + Family page to learn more about the required steps and classes.

Child Dedications

Child Dedication at Mars Hill is a practice in which parents make a solemn commitment to raising their child in the faith: in knowing Jesus as the only hope for bringing reconciliation between God and humanity. Learn More + View Upcoming Dates >