On Evolving Faith with Sarah Bessey


If that sounds like your faith journey—you’re not alone. Deconstruction can be a scary place for a believer but there is holy permission to lean into it. There are plenty of us out here reimagining, rethinking, reevaluating, restarting. So on Saturday, February 18 we gathered with Sarah Bessey—author, preacher, and self-proclaimed “recovering know-it-all”—to learn how to be comfortable with uncertainty, how to hold the questions in one hand and answers in the other, how to discover new depths of faith that will remain secure even through disruption, and ultimately receive permission to find and follow Jesus again.


“Once upon a time, you had it all beautifully sorted out. Then you didn’t.” – Sarah Bessey

Sarah Bessey

The author of Jesus Feminist and Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith, Sarah Bessey writes about intersections of a spirit-filled life in her books and on her well-known blog and is a self-proclaimed “recovering know-it-all”. We can’t wait for her to join us. In the meantime, meet Sarah.

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