Screen Time: Technology in a Sacred Universe with Craig Detweiler

We know digital screens, social media, and the hyper-connectedtechnological age we live in shapes our experience of the world, but what about our relationships with God, each other, and creation?

People all across the world are asking difficult questions about the role of digital screens and social media in the shaping of our faith and relationships. So as a community, we want to enter into those conversations, as well. We invite you to watch Screen Time: Technology in a Sacred Universe

with Dr. Craig Detweiler now.

Craig Detweiler is Professor of Communication at Pepperdine University, filmmaker, and author of iGods: How Technology Shapes our Social and Spiritual Lives—Craig Detweiler. This talk is designed for adolescents, emerging adults, and adults, and will provide a “big picture” discussion of this topic, as well as practical tips and ideas for individuals and families.

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