Public Lecture Series

We are excited to offer our entire community a taste of the Formation School through a series of dynamic, engaging speakers.


We were created to be fully integrated people: mind, body, and soul, thoughts, feelings, experiences, and beliefs. We are not simply heads on sticks, meant to navigate the world using only our intellect. God our creator, and whose image we bear, cares about every single part of us. And so we are called to care about and steward every part of us. Join us for an engaging conversation that will equip us to turn with gentleness and curiosity as we travel on our inward journey to discover the “you” that is “hidden with Christ in God.”

Speaker: Chuck DeGroat

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Follow-Up Opportunities

Book: Wholeheartedness: busyness, exhaustion, and healing the divided self by Chuck DeGroat. This is a great INWARD read for you personally or with an existing group/house church. DeGroat examines the frantic busyness and exhaustion that we all feel, and points us to a new solution, wholeheartedness. Wholeheartedness is a way of living and being that will transform us from the inside out. This book has been a staple of the INWARD direction curriculum for The Formation School since the very beginning and is frequently cited as one of the most impactful books cohort members engage with.

Film: Wild Country of the Heart by Chuck DeGroat brings St. Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle into our contemporary imagination and formation. Beautifully filmed and scored, this film invites us to open all of ourselves to God's abundant love that is always and already available to us. 

Practice: Pray with radical honesty. Using Jesus' prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane as a model, step intentionally into a practice of praying with radical honesty.


Imagine life rooted in vibrant, authentic community, where the fruits born of living with intentional mutuality and respect are justice, mercy, compassion and human thriving. This isn’t some impossible dream, this is a reality that we are invited to live into through the union, communion, and participation in the life of the Triune God. 

The invitation is extended to each and every one of us. Come and catch an inspiring, practical, and deeply theological vision for this possibility as we move Withward together in the power of the Spirit. 

Speaker: Cherith Fee Nordling

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Follow-Up Opportunities

Book: The Good and Beautiful Community: Extending Grace, Demonstrating Loveby James, Bryan Smith. This is a great WITHWARD read for you personally or with an existing group/house church. Smith builds on the Trinitarian love and helps us imagine that giving shape to our community and how we are WITH one another. Each chapter has a few reflection questions and a particular "Soul Training" practice. 
Podcast: Last night we got to hear a bit from Geoff Holsclaw who co-hosts the Embodied Faith Podcast with his wife Cyd. This is a great resource filled with insightful and encouraging voices looking to help followers of Jesus grow at the intersection of neuroscience and spiritual formation. Episodes 39 + 48 are some of my favorites.
Practice: Find a copy of Rublev's Trinity icon [on a screen, print a pic or even buy a print/canvas] and commit to spending time allowing that visual to guide your prayer and contemplation. In a similar way that Christians have been praying and attending to Scripture through Lectio Divina for centuries - here we practice Visio Divina. May you be reminded of your unshakeable place at the table in the love that is God!

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