Design of Desire with Dr. Dan Allender


We are designed by God to yearn for connection with others, to know and be known, and to be caught up in tasting and seeing the goodness of God. We were created with desire. And it is our desire for union, for the deepest level of intimacy that is most obscured by petty desires, or assaulted through our struggles with sexuality.

If we are to grow in the passion that God made us for, we must wade deeply into how evil has worked to steal, kill, or mar our hunger for the pleasure of intimacy, and then reclaim and bless our body, heart, and mind for all that we have been created to enjoy.

A continuation of Dan Allender’s teaching on Pursuing Health in our Intimate RelationshipsThe Design of Desire will focus more specifically on redeeming our sexuality. All are invited to watch the video now, however, due to the nature of the topic, parents are encourage to evaluate whether or not they feel this would be appropriate for their whole family.

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