Contemplation + Wholeheartedness with Rev. Dr. Chuck DeGroat


During this special lecture, therapist, pastor, professor, and author, Dr. DeGroat will make accessible to us the invitation to contemplative prayer and practices that move us towards wholeheartedness—so that in this way of living and being, we may find transformation from the inside out.


Rev. Dr. Chuck DeGroat

Rev. Dr. Chuck DeGroat is a Professor of Counseling and Christian Spirituality at Western Theological Seminary in Holland MI, and author of 3 books: Leaving Egypt: Finding God in the Wilderness PlacesThe Toughest People to Love, and Wholeheartedness, as well as the self-published Lenten devotional, Falling Into Goodness.

He has spent the last 20+ years in a fluid combination of pastoral ministry, seminary teaching, and clinical counseling. Prior to coming to Western Theological Seminary, he was a teaching pastor at City Church San Francisco, where he co-founded Newbigin House of Studies, an urban and missional training center with M.Div. and M.A. offerings through Western Theological Seminary, MI. He has started two church counseling centers, a Lay Counseling Program further developed by my City Church colleagues, and a Fellows program. All of this represents his commitment to formation for mission.

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