Water is elemental. A part of us.
Without it, we would not survive.

In the United States, however, the need for clean water is something we rarely think about. We turn on the faucet and it comes out. Yet around the world, there are one billion people without access to clean water. That’s seventeen percent of the world’s population.

That is not right.

In 2005, Mars Hill developed a partnership with World Relief Rwanda in order to help meet the needs of our brothers and sisters there. Through engaging village counsels, we learned that their biggest need is simply clean water.

Whether it’s participating in water awareness activities and fundraisers, becoming a vocal advocate, or reaching into your pocket to help purchase and install more filters and cisterns—there is a place for you in this work.

Visit our partner, 20 Liters, to hear stories, watch videos, and learn more about how you can engage with this issue, and make a change for good.