Help The Rohingya

There are 68 million people around the world who are refugees, people like you and me who have had to make the impossible, life or death decision to leave everything—their loved ones, their homes, their whole world—because of violence and oppression.  Half of those affected are children, many of whom are orphaned.   

One of the largest refugee camps in the world is in Bangladesh, populated by the Rohingya people. Although the Rohingya are one of the most persecuted minority groups in the world, it was in August 2017 that they fell victim to a more systematic ethnic cleansing by their own Myanmar government. Thousands of people were killed in the first month, and now 1 million men, women, and children have fled for their lives.

As a church we are committed to supporting and empowering the most marginalized people of our day. Our partner and guide in this region of Southeast Asia is Partners Relief + Development, a group committed to living out the love of Jesus in word and deed. Partners has been present, developing friendship and offering care to the Rohingya people for over 20 years. They are well-poised to help identify the most immediate needs on the ground, and also seek to move from relief to development [e.g., agriculture, education, healthcare] whenever possible. We join Partners Relief + Development in acknowledging that the Rohingya people are our brothers and sisters, made in the image of God. And we share their vision + goal that “To Love Is To Act.”


You can act today by donating to their relief effort.


Learn more and check out the items that will be donated near the Welcome Center throughout March. Or simply donate online now at

If everyone in our community donates $25, we’ll be able to significantly impact the lives of Rohingya Refugees with food, tarps, blankets, and stoves.


Stay Informed
To receive weekly text updates about the Rohingya people during Lent, text “PARTNERS'” to 484848.

Learn More
Watch the video below, then visit to learn more about the Rohingya refugee crisis.