More than 30% of young adults in America now identify as having no religious affiliation. At the same time, an increasing number of people are having significant meaning-making experiences through popular culture/art. While seminaries and other organizations in and around the Church are taking note of these realities, they are addressing it largely from a distance. Discussions and teachings are happening in academic settings and at conferences that are set up separately from the cultural centers where art is being created. This retreat style format can be very helpful, but there is a real need for a more dynamic and intentional engagement with the culture and culture-makers of our world.

Into The Noise exists to offer unique formational and educational experiences through intentional engagement with popular culture. It is a vital new place for pastors to develop and practice a robust and thoughtful posture towards popular culture—one that explores the opportunities it provides for growth, wholeness, and discipleship.

To do this, cultural plunges will take place at key festivals throughout the year. In these dynamic, experiential learning environments attendees will learn to engage with the powerful forces of art that surround us. In each space attendees will be encouraged to have eyes to see God where he is at work through the art being presented while also better understanding the narratives that might be shaping our world in harmful ways.

Visit Into The Noise’s website to view trip dates, register for an upcoming experience, and learn more.