Help us create a world where the creativity, passion, and drive of Jesus’ followers carve out spaces of belonging and strength for those who feel left on the outside. Our Grassroots Initiative provides funding and mentoring for people and organizations in the Mars Hill community who are launching new projects—whether for-profit or nonprofit—that can make measurable change in the world.

Have an idea that could make a difference? Our grant application will be opening soon.

Volunteer As A Grassroots Initiatives Mentor
Would you be willing to mentor our Grassroots grantees? As Grassroot Grant recipients are looking to grow in many different ways, we are looking for a variety of mentors with diverse skill sets to provide a listening ear and walk with our grantees. Email to learn more about this opportunity.

2018-2019 Grant Recipients

H.O.P.E. Gardens

The Mission of H.O.P.E. gardens is to bring sustainable, no-till organic gardening practices to the market place for the purpose of supplying healthy, affordable sources of food to those that are challenged with finances, growing conditions and time. From a gardening practice standpoint, H.O.P.E. organic “covering” methods provide a rich soil base for growing in most climates. It requires little to no watering and provides a weed barrier and minimizes maintenance during the growing season and preparation in spring and fall by a process of recreating the forest floor.

Faith 45

Faith45 was born out of a dream to help other couples and families going through those days and weeks following the loss of a child. Losing a child is one of the hardest times a parent could ever have to live. We believe God has called us to walk this road and to help others walking it as well.
Every situation is different, but we hope we can help in any way, big or small. Our dream started with an idea to provide these families with the few items we found that helped us. And so, came the idea of Faith Boxes. We want to fill these boxes with items that can offer support in these impossible times. We want hospitals and churches and loved ones to give these boxes to anyone and everyone who could benefit from it.