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Recently, we held a class for Preschool parents of Mars Hill.  We talked about how important it is for parents to intentionally spend formal times with their kids, reading the Bible together and praying.  We shared some specific ways to pray and even gave away a really wonderful new Preschool Bible called “My First Hands-On Bible for Preschoolers.” We’ve already heard from many parents who were at this teaching night about how they are using what they learned. Here’s your chance to share what you’re doing to intentionally spend time with your Preschool kids at home.  We would love for you to share how you are using the “My First Hands-On Bible for Preschoolers” and how your child is learning from it.
If you are a Preschool parent who would like a free copy of My First Hands-On Bible for Preschoolers, just post a response to this post saying that you want a Bible and why.

Helping you help your kids to live the way of Jesus,
The MHK Staff


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    kristin says

    My daughter is almost 4 and loves this Bible! I started reading it to her the night after I brought it home and she wants to read it all the time- every night she runs to get it. We are reading the same story a few nights in a row and trying to keep with the story that is covered in Sunday School. She likes Cuddles and Pockets and all the activities we get to do while reading the Bible and learning about Jesus. I love it as well!

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    Melissa Wire says

    Thanks for taking the time to share this Kristin! I’m so glad to hear your daughter is loving reading the Bible and learning about Jesus!

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    Monica says

    We recently had my nephew spend the night and we read the Bible then. He was back with his mom 3 nights later and he asked if we were going to read Pockets again. He is only 2!! Our oldest asked if I would read it to just her last night at bedtime since the other two fell asleep in the car on the way home. A great Bible!! Thanks for thinking of us parents.

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    Brooke says

    This is my favorite preschool Bible!! Thank you for the introduction, and gift of it. I have already bought 2 copies to give to friends with new babies and preschoolers. I love the length of the stories, the prayers, the creativity.

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