November Family Challenge: Thankfulness

Hey Parents,

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If you missed this month’s Family Challenge, follow this link to watch the video: http://vimeo.com/31430471

For those of you who have completed this month’s Family Challenge, we’d love to hear how it went! Leave a post on this blog by November 30th and you will be entered to win a night out for your family. The winner will be drawn and announced in the December Parent Connect email and on the Parent Talk blog.

So what are you waiting for? Start typing!

Helping you help your kids to live the way of Jesus,
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    Beth says

    I haven’t done the challenge yet, but I just wanted to share what I do with my kids. Every year we take our glass siding door and make a huge tree on it out of construction paper. Then I print off leaves on colored paper. Any time during the day if you are thankful for something you write it on the leaf and hang it. My kids love to do this!!! They actually just asked me why my tree wasn’t up yet because it’s November:) I know other families have done thankful boards. Just a great way for your kids to visually see all the things we are thankful for:)

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      klake says

      We love this idea. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work!

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      Melissa Wire says


      This is so great! I’m planning to launch this very idea in the Preschool hallway this Sunday to go through the rest of November! Thanks for sharing too!

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    Hannah Willette says

    My family started the challenge this week. I can’t wait to write about it in a few weeks and let you know our journey. 😀

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      Annie Osburn, Kids Pastor says

      Hannah, I hope your month is filled with joy and that your family comes closer to God because of this challenge! We can’t wait to hear about it 🙂

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    Hannah says

    It’s the middle of November – which means I’ve had a couple of weeks to work on this month’s challenge. Here is what my family did…

    We began each day by playing the song, ” Thank You” by Glen Phillips. During the song I would make breakfast and the kids would get dressed for the day. Afterwards we sat down to eat and each child had to give thanks to God before we were allowed to eat. My three year old son refused for several days while my five year old spent at least 10 minutes in her prayers – thanking God for EVERYTHING!

    I just completed reading a book by Ann Voskamp called, “One Thousand Gifts”. Moved by her writing I decided to have my family write one thousand gifts in a notebook. At first we were writing down the obvious – thanks for our clothes, the food, etc… But as we kept writing our daily gifts from God changed. We were now focusing on the smaller things in life. Number 35 reads, “thank you Jeaus for the blue stain on my tongue when I eat frozen blueberries.”

    Now that we have paid attention to what God has really given us it puts into perspective how blessed we are. My three year old son now knows what to give thanks for at mealtime. The child competes with his older sister. We often eat our food cold these days.

    Thank you for this challenge. We pause in our busy life to write in our notebook the gifts from God. We can’t wait to reach 1,000 and then keep going.

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      klake says

      Incredible! Thank you for sharing what your family has been experiencing this month. We look forward to hearing more as you work your way towards 1,000.

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    Beth says

    We have had a blast doing thankful leaves in our house! Our door was filled! It is always fun to hear what my kids had to say; for example my four year old son was thankful for dirt on more than one leaf. Dirt is not something I usually think of when asked what I am thankful for; but it reminds me to keep things simple and to be thankful for all God has given us. I loved this months challenge and it sparked many different conversations at our dinner table.

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    Jessica Holtrop says

    We talked a lot about what we are thankful for over the past month and here are a few of the things that brought a smile to my face from my 3.5 year old daughter.

    1) After talking at bedtime about thankfulness, we began to pray and Courtney thanked God for tacos.

    2) Riding in the car one day, Courtney says, “Mom, I am thankful for God.”

    3) Courtney was playing on the floor with her favorite doll and I overhear her telling her doll what she is thankful for.

    God is good. We plan to continue thanking Him for all our many blessings, both big and small.

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      klake says

      Thanks for sharing these Jessica. I especially like the tacos one. Keep up the good work!

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    Beth says

    Thank you so much for the family night out!! What an amazing package!!! One thing I am VERY thankful for is the MHK staff! You are all beyond amazing!!!!

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