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House Churches

Anible House Church

Craig + Jennifer

  • Dates: Bi-weekly on Tuesdays
  • Time: 7pm
  • Location: Group Leaders Home, Grand Rapids

Hi! We are Craig and Jennifer Anible. We have two daughters age 14 and 11, one dog, and one cat and we live in Eastown. We have attended Mars Hill basically since November of 2000 and have been house church leaders in the past. We’d love to focus on Bible study and spiritual practices, intentional community based on authenticity and grace as well as close geographic proximity so that we can easily support each other in daily life, and commitment to attending Mars Hill and meeting on our agreed upon dates.

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Audu House Church

Clement + Lola

  • Dates: Bi-weekly on Sundays
  • Time: 5-7pm
  • Location: Group Leaders Home, Grand Rapids

We are Clement and Lola Audu. We have two adult sons and have lived in West Michigan since the late 80’s. We originally came to Michigan from Nigeria for college and graduated from the University of Wisconsin. We have lived and worked in diverse settings and are interested in understanding how culture enables us to influence our world for Christ. We love Jesus and want to live a life where his kingdom is increasingly manifested. We are open to connecting with all ages and the experience of living in vital community with each other.

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Brock House Church

Nick + Kristina

  • Dates: Bi-weekly on Saturdays
  • Time: 1st monthly gathering @ 9:30am, 2nd monthly gathering @ 6pm
  • Location: Group Leaders Home, Grandville

Kristina and I aim to provide a warm, hospitable, and affirming environment for everyone to practice the art of contemplative prayer. Through the use of Lectio Divina, the Examen, the Jesus Prayer, Imaginative Prayer, and Centering Prayer, we hope to provide space for listening, reflecting, and discerning the Red Letter Words of Jesus. Moreover, we wish to cultivate spiritual formation through intentionality, friendship, and food.

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Gingerich House Church

Trevor + Rebecca

  • Dates: Bi-weekly Sunday, beginning September 29
  • Time: 5:30pm
  • Location: Group Leaders Home, Ada

Hello! We are Trevor and Rebecca Gingerich. We live in the Ada area with our three kids, [Ruth 6, Sam 3, Audrey 3 months] and would love to build a small community of other Mars Hill members on the Northeast side of Grand Rapids. We live in an old farmhouse with a big yard and enjoy spending time outside. We find joy in welcoming people into our home to share a meal and conversation. Our prayer is to find time for spiritual growth amidst busy schedules and to find the support of other Christ followers to get through the challenges of everyday life.

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Goldsmith Online House Church

Laura Goldsmith

  • Dates: Thursdays starting July 9
  • Time: 8pm
  • Location: Online

Laura has been part of Mars Hill for many, many years. She is a Jesus follower, and mother of 5. Laura is also enjoying 3 granddaughters!

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Kregel House Church

Tyler + Shelby

  • Dates: Bi-weekly on Thursdays
  • Time: 6:30-8:30pm
  • Location: Group Leaders Home, Grand Rapids

We are the Kregels. We love the outdoors, art, good food/wine and great conversation. We are big fans of travel and love learning new perspectives and cultures. We have a 3 year old and a newborn! We have a deep passion for rich community and for gathering with others. We’re looking forward to finding some others to do life with and to learn about our faith journeys together.

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Kremke Online House Church

Tricia Kremke

  • Dates: Bi-weekly on Sundays starting July 12
  • Time: 8pm
  • Location: Online

Tricia, fellow Mars Hill-ian, Formation School graduate, teacher at the Potter’s House, and Nana to the 5 most amazing grandkids, will be the facilitator of this group. As an immuno-compromised person, she also has spent the past several months at home and is excited that this group will be centered around the idea of creating community in the midst of a situation that is more isolating for some than others. In our first meeting, we will spend time getting to know each other, and then will have a round table discussion where, as a group, we’ll decide how we want to move forward. Do we want to talk through the past weeks’ Teachings? A book study? A scripture or topic study? Let’s share ideas and move forward in friendship and community together. Excited to get to know each other!

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Nienhuis House Church

Jerry + Cheryl

  • Dates: 2nd + 4th Tuesday
  • Time: 6-8:30pm
  • Location: Group Leader’s Homes, Holland

We have been house church leaders for several years at Mars. Jerry is currently still employed as a realtor/developer in Holland and not ready to retire quite yet. We hope to add more couples to our Lakeshore group that are over 50, have a desire to grow together spiritually, support each other in prayer, enjoy food/wine together and have fun! We’re currently watching and discussing Brad Gray’s podcasts.

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Perkins + Schwartz House Church

Deborah + Chris

  • Dates: Bi-weekly on Wednesdays
  • Time: 6-7:30pm
  • Location: Group Leaders Home, Grand Rapids

Deborah – I am a seasoned, yet ever maturing follower of Christ! I have the privilege of being mother to nine amazing adult children, grandma to almost 16 grandchildren, and married for 43 years to the same man! I’m so excited to see what lies ahead for our Mars’ family, and am especially eager to share more of the contemplative practices and mystical aspect of our faith I studied as part of our first Formation School endeavor. Since raising our rather large crew, I have volunteered with the Kent Co. Jail as a woman’s chaplain, volunteered at HQ and with Hospice, am involved with teaching in the preschool at Mars, and currently work at Grand Rapids Community College as a professional tutor. For me, there is no greater joy than encouraging others to fully realize and grasp hold of the life for which God lovingly created them

Chris – I’m trying to engage and build community in Mars Hill and beyond. Beyond this I attempt to be active outside as much as possible, raising two kids, and continually being in awe and learning. I have been working to practice the Partners Relief slogan “To Love is to Act” in my daily life and spiritual formation.

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Whaite House Church

John + Bonnie

  • Dates: Bi-weekly on weekends – open to nights that work best for the group
  • Time: Evenings
  • Location: Group Leaders Home, Kentwood

We moved here 2 1/2 years ago from the Davison/Flint area to be closer to our 2 daughters and their families. We are retired from nursing [Bonnie] and engineering [John]. We have missed being part of a small group/house church since we moved to Grand Rapids. We’re hoping there are other couples who are retired or have grown children who would like to share a meal, have some fun, grow in faith together by studying/reflecting on Christian issues in this stage of life, and supporting each other in prayer.

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