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House Churches

Brock House Church - Grandville

Nick + Kristina

  • Dates: Bi-weekly on Saturdays
  • Time: 1st monthly gathering at 9:30am, 2nd monthly gathering at 6pm
  • Location: online [for now], beginning in Oct

We’re Nick + Kristina. We aim to provide a warm, hospitable, and affirming environment for everyone to practice the art of contemplative prayer. Through the use of Lectio Divina, the Examen, the Jesus Prayer, Imaginative Prayer, and Centering Prayer, we hope to provide space for listening, reflecting, and discerning the Red Letter Words of Jesus. Moreover, we wish to cultivate spiritual formation through intentionality, friendship, and food.

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Whaite House Church

John + Bonnie

  • Dates: TBD - working with everyone's schedules - 1-2x/month
  • Time: Evenings
  • Location: Currently online via Zoom - Hoping to reconvene at a future time at Group Leaders Home, Kentwood

We moved here 3 1/2 years ago from the Davison/Flint area to be closer to our 2 daughters and their families. We are retired from nursing [Bonnie] and engineering [John]. We have missed being part of a small group/house church since we moved to Grand Rapids. We’re hoping there are other couples who are retired or have grown children who would like to share a meal, have some fun, grow in faith together by studying/reflecting on Christian issues in this stage of life, and supporting each other in prayer. Group is comprised of, and open to, both couples and singles. Reach out with any questions - we'd love to hear from you!

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