Have questions about giving? We have answers. Click on a question below to learn more, or feel free to contact us if your question isn’t answered below.

Once you download the app, key in the Text-To-Give number, or press the “Give” icon on the Joy Stand, you simply have to follow the prompts to add your info, and set up your account. Plus, your email address will be tied to a single phone number in your household for receipts and confirmations, so you only need to create one account to be able to give across all 3 new platforms.
Nope. All 3 new giving platforms work together, so once you register for one way to give, you are automatically registered for the other two. Simply login using the same phone number and password.
Absolutely. To keep your information safe and secure, we’ve enlisted the help of SecureGive—a church-focused system using multiple layers of encryption to that ensure all your personal data is secure.
For Text-To-Give and the SecureGive App, you can give anywhere at any time. Joy Stands are located in the Shed and inside each building entrance so they’re handy for giving whenever you’re on-site.
Unless you chose to give anonymously or don’t provide contact info, your gift will appear on your Mars Hill account history after 24 hours, regardless of the giving method you chose. All electronic gifts will also be acknowledged through a confirmation email and available on your Mars Hill account history for printing out a receipt.
Our Joy Stands and SecureGive App offer the option of keeping your gift anonymous. You will still receive an email confirmation for your records, but Mars Hill will not link the gift to your account and will not be able to provide a receipt or history of giving at a future date.
Yes. You can select which fund you’d like to give to on Joy Stands and the SecureGive App. Through Text-To-Give, your gift is automatically directed to our JOY BOX [All Ministry Fund] to support all of our ministries, staff, and initiatives.
Nope, your online giving will remain as you have it set up, and no changes need to be made. However, if you’d like to try out one of the new platforms, you will need to register the first time you do in order to link those giving methods to your Mars Hill account. Once you do that, you can give from anywhere and have it recorded in your Mars Hill account. [Please allow 24 hours for gifts to show up in your giving history.]


What if I encounter a problem or need assistance?
You can direct any questions or comments to accounting@marshill.org or call the church office at 616.249.3337 and we’ll route your call to the appropriate staff member.