As a community, we exist to increase the experience of “home”—within our church, locally, and globally. Based on the example set by Jesus, it’s what we’ve been called to do.

When you give to the Joy Box, you create a place of belonging for our church, our local community, and global neighbors. Thank you for your generosity and continued support.

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PLEASE NOTE: Effective January 1, we will no longer provide online designated giving for 20 Liters and HQ.

Mars Hill encourages you to continue supporting these organizations through their websites [links below].  If you have any questions, please contact Cheryl Polasek at Thank you.

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Rather than passing the plate during our Gatherings, we instead look to you to find the right time and space to support our life together. There are five ways to do so. You can give throughout our facility at one of many Joy Boxes [cash/check] or Joy Stands [debit/credit cards]. You can also give online [click a green box above], by text, or by downloading an app. Take some time to learn more about each method or access our FAQs. Depending on how you give, you’ll have the option to support the JOY BOX [All Ministry Fund] or one of our other initiatives. Click below for more info.

Total contributions for the month through November 27 are $249,876 and this brings our fiscal year-to-date contributions through the same period to $1,047,466.
Month to DateYear to Date
through 11.27.18through 11.27.18

Our approach to finances is simple—allocate heavily to ministry programming and outreach while keeping facility investments to a minimum and avoiding any kind of debt.

Some people might call us thrifty or tight [or perhaps a common west Michigan nationality known for their frugality], but to us, that sounds just about right. This way, when you give to our JOY BOX [All Ministry Fund], you know that your money is going for more than keeping the lights on. It’s the foundation that makes it possible to do the work we were created for.

If you would like to donate through alternative methods, such as stock shares, please contact our Operations Manager at 616.406.3977 or