Experience Lent

Sign up for Experience Lent is closed but we will link many of the resources so you can print them out at home. More details coming soon.

We created “Experience Lent” to guide you through or perhaps to pull you through this formative season in the Christian year. There are experiential pieces, guides for engaging with the Sunday Gatherings, avenues for meditating on the final week of Jesus’ life, and resources for parents. We hope you will join us as we Experience Lent this year. 

Experience Lent Package for Kids + Adults

We hope you find this simple and engaging package helpful as you journey through this season. 

Lent Sheets

They offer a lot of freedom in how they are utilized and with whom—whether you like to doodle or journal or quietly ponder. You can easily walk through them solo, with a small group community, or with family. There are 3 formats: one for non-readers, one for readers, and one for students and adults. While they are each different, they will align nicely for discussion among group members utilizing the various formats. We hope as you utilize these sheets, they will enhance your Sunday morning experience as we engage the same story together as a Mars Hill community.

Please [don’t] Ask Me about the Cross

We have created this resource to help parents talk to their children about the meaning of the cross [although we think all adults will find it helpful as well]. We know that it can be tough to answer the question, “Why did Jesus die on a cross?” and we are here to encourage you. This guide won’t say everything there is to say about the crucifixion, but we hope that it will help you feel empowered to begin the conversation and share your own understanding in light of the Biblical witness and Christian tradition. 

The guide will be emailed to you once we are closer to Holy Week.

Seasonal Practice Podcast

Hosted by Formation Pastor Tim Nelson and Mars Hill Formation School graduate, Kate Neckers, this podcast will help resource us into a deeper experience in the liturgical seasons of the year and particular practices. 

Ash Wednesday 101 

Maybe you’ve heard about Ash Wednesday, but never fully understood or engaged in this season of the Church calendar in a more intentional way. This is your chance! Learn more about the history, practice, and potential impact on your life of faith.

Journey to the Cross Resurrection Eggs

These eggs will help children understand the story of Christ's death, burial and resurrection. A set includes a dozen golden eggs, an object for each egg that will symbolize one part of our Savior's journey to the cross and the empty tomb. It also comes with an instruction booklet that will help you explain what to say as each egg is opened. See, touch, and hear the story of Easter as a family in a way that you will love and appreciate for years to come. 

Pick up your set by the West Doors on Sunday, March 21 from 10am - 2pm or Monday, March 22 from 11am - 6pm.

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