At Mars Hill, we teach that baptism marks our participation in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, with the church, to serve the world.

Baptism Sunday

Our community observes baptism together. Our baptism service celebrates with those who seek to make a public profession of faith, reminds those who previously have been baptized of their own baptism, and recommits our support of each other as we live faith personally within community. For these reasons, this service takes place during our regular 9am + 11am Gatherings, rather than as a separate event for those being baptized.

Interested In Being Baptized?

Those who are in the process of discerning whether or not baptism is the next step in their faith journey must participate in a required baptism class.

The class is for “all-ages”, meaning the content and experience is designed to be as inclusive as possible of all age-groups and learning styles. Parents are required to participate with their son or daughter if they are middle school aged or younger.

Upcoming Dates

Our next Baptism Sunday will be on October 21.  Here are the details for the class:

DATE: Sunday, October 7

TIME: 11am-12:15pm

LOCATION: M2 [in the South Hallway across from the Shed]

LEADERS: Pastors Tim Nelson + Kyle Lake

Registration: Click here to register by Wednesday, October 3

Baptism Stories

Every baptism has a story, here are some of the stories that joined our community through Baptism on Sunday, April 1:

I am being baptized with and into Christ because:
I want to follow Jesus, I want to let Jesus in my heart, I want my sins washed away. —Georgia, Age 8

God has chosen me to believe in him. He wants me to stay with him forever and ever. God wants me to help all. He wants me to teach others of Jesus Christ.
Maria Campbell, Age 10

I love Jesus. I want to follow him. I believe he died and took away my sins. I am a child of God and I want everyone to know it. —Lillian, Age 9

I know I am a child of God and because God tells us in the Bible to be baptized. I am also being baptized because I know I am ready to be part of the church. I believe in God the Father almighty, Jesus Christ his only Son, our Lord, and the Holy Spirit, as stated in the Apostle’s Creed. —Josiah, Age 13

I feel like I am at the right age now and I have heard the lessons enough times. I really know now what being baptized is. —Alex, Age 10

I have chosen “wholehearted” as my directing word of the year and my desire is to hold nothing back from God and this is my way to be all in, and to give all of me in a physical way. —Isabelle, Age 18

He has a plan for me, I am open and eager for his guidance in my life. I want to share my life with him and build a stronger relationship with him. To better understand and be led into his purpose for me. In all that I do, think of him so that my response is worthy of his praise. —Kimberly, Age 34

It will help me with church participation and confidence. To show people that I believe in Christ the father. Also it will wash my sins away and give me new life. —Jenna, Age 10

I want to join with the Church in serving the world by:
Telling other people about Jesus. —Georgia, Age 8

Praising God in song, voice, and kindness. Giving to the poor, and homeless, and widows. Supporting the church with the Walk For Water, and all the fundraisers we have at Mars Hill. —Maria Campbell, Age 10

I want to serve the world cheerfully. I want to volunteer by doing things like Kids Food Basket, Walk For Water, and helping people with needs. —Lillian, Age 9

Doing things like Walk For Water and helping other people. I also want to go on a mission to another country in the future. I can also pray for others. —Josiah, Age 13

Helping the less fortunate and helping little kids because I love little kids. —Alex, Age 10

Living more fully into God’s kingdom by growing in love for God and the people around me. —Isabelle, Age 18

Loving and caring for people through God’s love. Continuously nourishing and strengthening my faith. —Kimberly, Age 34

Helping people not being a bully. Being myself and finding courage to stand up for others. —Jenna, Age 10