Zoom Group – The Color of Compromise [Book Club]

Join Ashlee and Tim as we talk together about the historical – and present-day – role that the Church has played in racism. We’ll also discuss how Christians can link arms to concretely work for a more loving, equitable and racially-just environment in our churches and beyond. Our catalyst for conversation will be The Color of Compromise by Jemar Tisby, which is not only in book format but also a video mini-series on Amazon Prime.



DATES:    Tuesdays, July 7-21

TIME:     8:30-9:30pm

COST:     There is no cost for the group, but please buy the book or watch the miniseries on your own.

LEADER:     Ashlee Eiland, Teaching Pastor + Tim Nelson, Formation Pastor


Questions?  Email communitylife@marshill.org