Journey with others in our community while exploring your story, learning how your past has shaped you, and how you might live into your future in light of what God’s been doing in your life. Retelling is a place for anyone to enter into a deeper experience of community and personal understanding.

What Will We Cover In Retelling?

Sessions 1-3: We discover our own past, our own story, and face honestly the damage that has been done to us.
Sessions 4-6: We discover how we are still living out the damage of our wounds in our relationships today. This shows up as shame, anger/contempt, and how we live out our sexual identity. We begin to ask what repentance and redemption might look like.
Sessions 7-9: We discover bold love and what it looks like to move outside of myself to restored relationships with God and others.

Retelling believes in the transformational impact of sharing your story. Listen here for more insights from Dr. Dan Allender on how important it is to tell your story to others.

[Each session is a mix of large group teaching time and small group time.]


DATES: Tuesdays, September 26-December 12

TIME: 7-9pm

ROOM: Upstairs Offices [Use West Entrance]

COST: $50 fee for materials [scholarships available]

LEADER: Janet Stark + team

REGISTRATION is now closed.  Check back this summer for info about our Fall 2018 class.

Questions? Check out our Retelling FAQ or email