Married Together: Marriage Seminar

What if our marriages were able to move past the maintaining of an idea to a deep sharing in the life of our spouse? What if instead of comparing, being defensive, or objectifying, we were able to enter into a space of mutual participation? Whether you have been married 4 weeks or 40 years, we think there is always opportunity for growth and learning in our marriages. So let’s spend a little time enriching our marriages, and each other, together.

In this half-day workshop we will take a realistic look at marriage, both theologically and practically.  Together we’ll move past seeing marriage as an idealistic fantasy, and explore it as a relationship that creates space for sharing deeply in each other’s personhood.

SPEAKER BIO: Kara and Andrew Root are not marriage experts. They are co-learners on path of loving and supporting each other through petty disagreements, busy schedules, parenting challenges, vocational journeys and fundamental personality differences.  Married for 16 years, this pastor and professor bring theological and ministerial insights on the shape and impact of relationships with honesty and humanity.

DATE:     Saturday, April 27

TIME:      8:30am-1:30pm

LOCATION:   Student Room

COST:     $20 per person

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