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2017-2018 House Churches

House churches at Mars Hill provide an opportunity to intentionally build relationships with one another, to connect with God in a meaningful way, and to consider what it looks like to faithfully live out the way of Jesus in daily life. We will seek to do this through eating together, sharing our stories, engaging in honest conversations, digging into the biblical text, praying together, and participating in acts of compassion and service.

House churches are designed, in part, to help a big church seem small. So while we can’t promise that you’ll meet your “people”, we do hope that you might find some people who say “Me, Too.” People who you can journey with for a season. People who will cause you to think about things in a different way.

We also hope that in bringing other people near, you will sense that God feels nearer too. And that the nearness of both this little tribe as well as the presence of God will help bring you nearer to the needs and perspectives of those in the rest of our world.

House churches will meet consistently from September through May, with natural on- and off-ramps built in over the summer. So while we expect that every group will take on its own personality and emphasis, the biggest common denominator you’ll see among House Churches is an intentional commitment to a group of people within our community for a longer period of time than some of our other offerings. 


DATES:  1st + 3rd Wednesdays
TIME:  6-8pm
LOCATION:  Group Leaders Home, Hudsonville

GROUP LEADER[S]:  Jessica + Ryan Warblow
BIO: Hello, we are Jessica and Ryan Warblow, and we have 4 daughters. Our 3 oldest daughters are adopted from foster care and are adults. We even have a 4-year-old grandson, so I think that makes us some of the youngest grandparents ever! Our youngest is an infant so we are currently going through some sleep deprivation. I am passionate about foster care and adoption. I love music, art, reading, and movies. My husband is a tech nerd who is really into hockey. We love Jesus and are looking for a genuine community of people who desire to to truly walk alongside and “do life” with each other.

Registration is now closed.  Check back in Fall 2018 for more House Church options.

DATES:  2nd + 4th Wednesdays, beginning September 27
TIME:  6-7:30pm
LOCATION:  Group Leaders Home, Kentwood

GROUP LEADER[S]: Tony Kelly + Adam Ferguson
BIOS: Tony is a divorced Father of an amazing 8 year old who was adopted from Rwanda. He works as an Electrical Engineer for Gentex and runs a small raw energy granola bar company called Beta Bars. He likes to rock climb, mountain bike, and spend his free time in the kitchen making and eating food. The Mars Hill community was instrumental in helping him through the hardest time in his life and he is hoping to be able to help others through their struggles, using honest community and hopefully some laughter.

Adam is the father of the most beautiful 4-yr-old girl you could possibly imagine, Lily Grace. He learned quickly that talking to people who have gone through divorce and/or are single parents is an important step in the healing process. Mars Hill has been his home for many years, so when Tony suggested co-leading a HouseChurch that focuses on Single Parenting it felt like an obvious ‘yes.’ He enjoys many things, but high on that list is reading, movies, and the world of the mysterious/unexplained [think Bigfoot].

Registration is now closed.  Check back in Fall 2018 for more House Church options.

DATES:  2nd + 4th Thursdays, beginning September 28
TIME:  6-8pm
LOCATION:  Group Leaders Home, Grand Rapids

GROUP LEADER:  Amy Sequeira
I’m a single mom, office nerd, and builder of relationships. I enjoy learning about anything and everything that sounds fun. I like sushi, home projects, reading, making copious jokes, Legos, and of course Jesus. I believe in accepting people as they are and building people up.

Registration is now closed.  Check back in Fall 2018 for more House Church options.

DATES:  1st + 3rd Saturdays, beginning October 7
TIME:  1st Saturday: 7-9pm; 3rd Saturday: 9-10am
LOCATION:  Group Leaders Home, Grand Rapids

GROUP LEADER[S]:  Nick Brock
BIO: I was born and raised in West Michigan and graduated from Grand Valley State University. I grew up in the Christian Reformed Church before first attending Mars Hill in 1999. Since that time I have become a covenant member of the church. Over the past 2 decades I have served in the military with the Air Force as a Security Forces Sergeant, attained a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, worked as a strength & conditioning coach, and have driven for Uber, Lyft and Shipt. I am married and have a toddler son. I enjoy reading non-fiction, sipping good whiskey, and thinking about my next tattoo.

NATURE: The nature of the group will lean towards learning how to live into the art-form and rhythm of prayer through contemplative and fixed-hour prayer experiences. Both of these prayer types will be facilitated through the use of a liturgy.

Registration is now closed.  Check back in Fall 2018 for more House Church options.

DATES:  2nd + 4th Tuesdays, beginning January 23
TIME:  5:30-7pm
LOCATION:  Group Leaders Home, Grand Rapids

GROUP LEADER[S]:  Meghan Jordon
BIO: Hey there, I’m a nurse at Helen Devos Children’s Hospital here in Grand Rapids. Together with my roommate and copilot, Kaylee, we invite you, a post-college young adult, to join us for a cozy house church in the Cherry Hill District. You can expect to be greeted with hot tea, cold kombucha, and engaging conversation. Each time we gather, we will focus our discussion on a recent podcast about faith. Our hope and prayer is to foster the Spirit at work within each of us, the rising generation of leaders and world-shakers. Come as you are. Leave renewed and challenged.

Registration is now closed.  Check back in Fall 2018 for more House Church options.

DATES:  1st + 3rd Thursdays, beginning October 5
TIME:  6-8pm
LOCATION:  Group Leaders Home, Grand Rapids

GROUP LEADER[S]:  Amy + Bryan DePotty
Our family has been attending Mars Hill for 2 years. We are Grand Rapids natives, and after spending some time in Chicago and Denver, are back in Grand Rapids, where we live in the Garfield Park Neighborhood and are raising our two young boys. We enjoy exploring the natural world with our boys, as well as exploring the food scene in Grand Rapids. We are always on a pursuit for the world’s best chocolate chip cookie. We dream of hosting a House Church that includes people in all walks of life, who have chosen to make the city their home. [Families with children are welcome!] Meetings will include a shared dinner and discussion on whatever content the group chooses, and prayer. Our group will meet bi-weekly from 6-8pm, and will include dinner and a space for a hired babysitter to watch any children in a separate area from our group meeting.

This House Church is now full.  Please check out some of our other options.

DATES:  1st + 3rd Sundays, beginning October 1
TIME:  6-7:30pm
LOCATION:  Group Leaders Home, Grand Rapids

GROUP LEADER[S]:  Tom + Amy Hamel
Hi! We are Amy and Tom Hamel. We live on the NE side of Grand Rapids. We are younger than some and older than most and have an appreciation for the blessings of diversity in its many forms. We think a house church is nice when it’s a mini-version of Mars Hill. And so we invite you to live out the way of Jesus with us and just a few others. We will make every attempt to provide a safe place for casual or sometimes challenging conversation, spiritual growth and refreshment, decent snacks and the occasional group dinner. There needs to be laughter, but we can also be a place to vent, to comfort, and to be comforted. Then, when we’re ready we will reach out to those less fortunate than ourselves. We hope you’ll join us.

This House Church is now full.  
Please check out some of the other options.

DATES:  Mondays, [3 weeks on, 1 week off] beginning September 25
TIME:  7-8:30pm
LOCATION:  Group Leaders Home, Wyoming

GROUP LEADER[S]:  Kara + Jeff Borke
BIO: We all wear lots of hats, here are a few of mine: Wife, Mom of 4 crazy kiddos [ages 14,13,12, and 11], sister, friend, career development facilitator, exchange student coordinator, Zumba instructor, blogger, and now, House Church Leader. I’ve been sitting in the grey chairs for 10 years. I have personally experienced what a blessing a House Church can be, and therefore am so excited to open up our home! My husband and I are “keep it real” kind-of-people, and long to connect with others in a deeper way as we seek to follow Jesus. While I’m NOT the hostest-with-the-mostest, I do love facilitating groups and can’t wait to get to know you, your story, and see what and how God would have us journey together this year!

This House Church is now full.  Please check out some of the other options.

DATES:  1st + 3rd Wednesdays, beginning October 4
TIME:  7-9pm
LOCATION:  Group Leaders Home, Grand Rapids

GROUP LEADER[S]:  Steve Bedford
BIO: My greatest desire is to pursuit intimacy with Jesus with a tight-knit community of other believers. I believe that prayer and worship can shape reality and bring beauty to the broken world around us. I want to explore what it looks like to intentionally pursue Jesus’ Kingdom on this earth as it is in heaven, and I think that starts with His body seeking Him. My hope for this group would that we wouldn’t gather to talk about God in abstract terms, or debate about different theological concepts, but that we could come together in community and encounter Him in tangible ways through prayer, fellowship, feasting, and mutual encouragement. I am looking for other like-minded people to come alongside and to journey into the heart of God.

This House Church is now full.  Please check out some of our other options.