Nevertheless: A Pilgrimage from Hateful Images to Enduring Truths

Our pilgrimage will take us on a journey into two different worlds.

Mars Hill is partnering with the North Grand Rapids Classis for a pilgrimage that will take us on a journey into two different worlds.

The Roaring Twenties was a time of economic flourishing and widespread cultural changes that gave birth to new forms of racial discrimination. 

Meanwhile, Black people established their own conclaves that would give life to the Jazz movement, the Harlem Renaissance, and small resort towns like Idlewild, Michigan. While white spaces were preoccupied with dehumanizing Black people, black spaces offered elites a Jim Crow-free place to retreat, gather, and entertain. 

Our pilgrimage will take us into two different worlds. In one day, we will experience the shocking exhibit of hateful images of Black people and the rich history of Idlewild, where enduring truths about race, resilience, and faith live together in Michigan.


DATES: Saturday, April 13

TIME: 9am-6pm [please arrive by 8:45am to load the bus]

LOCATION: Meet at Mars Hill [3501 Fairlanes Ave SW, Grandville]

COST: $15/adult; no charge for Kids + Students 

LEADERS: Denise Kingdom, Mobilization + Renewal Pastor, with CJ Grier, Historian + Host

REGISTRATION: Register HERE by Tuesday, April 9

*If the cost is prohibitive, email us, and we'll see what we can do. 

Questions? Email or call the church office at 616-249-3337.

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