Belonging + Becoming: Creating A Thriving Family Culture

What does it look like to live out the way of Jesus as a family? How can we create a sense of home that honors the best of where we come from and embraces the emerging challenges and opportunities of life in the 21st century?

Now more than ever, we need a vision for family that is creative, intentional, soulful, and globally aware. So whether you have children or grandchildren, parent solo or with a partner, are married without children, or single—we hope you’ll join us for this interactive two-day event.

Together, we’ll learn how to turn our households into a place of belonging and becoming, where each person feels safe, cared for and loved—and is supported to develop who they are for the good of the world.

DATES:    Friday + Saturday, Oct 20-21
TIME:       6:30-8:30pm Friday evening. 9am-2:30pm, Saturday.
COST:       $35 [includes one book per family, as well as continental breakfast and lunch on Saturday]


[Registration Closes Oct 18]

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Mark and Lisa Scandrette are co founders of ReIMAGINE: A Center for Integral Christian Practice. They lead an annual series of retreats, workshops and projects designed to help participants apply spiritual wisdom to everyday life, including last year’s Ennegram Workshop at Mars Hill. For 25 years they have devoted themselves to creating community, offering hospitality, and inviting transformation in at risk neighborhoods. They live in the Mission District of San Francisco and have three young adult children. Mark is also the author of Practicing the Way of Jesus.

Here’s The Word On The Streets

Like attending a Master Class in family thriving and purpose – wise, practical, intentional, soulful, healthy, do-able, empowering but all without making an idol out of marriage and parenting. —Sarah Bessey, author of Jesus Feminist

“Mark and Lisa’s vision for family life is both challenging and inspiring, and Aaron and I are so thankful to have learned from their example over the years of our friendship. This book is a gift: intelligent and brave, prophetic and grounded. I recommend it for any parent who wants to be wiser, more soulful, and more imaginative in their parenting—which is all of us, right?” —Shauna Niequist, author of Bread & Wine and Present Over Perfect