At Mars Hill, membership happens within the idea of “covenant”. What makes a covenant different from a simple binding agreement is that covenant implies a meaningful relationship. For example, God covenanted with Noah, with Abram, with the people of Israel at Mt. Sinai, and eventually brought about a new covenant, available to all through Christ. Through covenant, God continually called people back to the kind of life he intended for them.

Any follower of Christ is invited to become a Member of the Mars Hill community. In covenanting with us, you both agree to and adopt our Narrative Theology and our shared values, the Directions. Together we covenant to go:

Backward, embracing the roots of our faith.
Forward because the life of faith is a journey.
Inward because we want to be whole people.
Withward because we were made to live in community.
Outward because Jesus calls us to serve the world.
Upward, celebrating God’s redemption of all things.


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