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At Mars Hill, we teach that baptism marks our participation in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, with the church, to serve the world.

Baptism Sunday

Every spring our community observes baptism together. Our service celebrates with those who seek to make a public profession of faith, reminds those who previously have been baptized of their own baptism, and recommits our support of each other as we live faith personally within community. For these reasons, this service takes place during our regular 9am + 11am Gatherings, rather than as a separate event for those being baptized.

Interested In Being Baptized?

Those who desire to be baptized must participate in a baptism discernment class, typically one month before the Baptism Sunday.

  • Students and Adults who desire to be baptized can attend a class that helps them learn more about baptism and what it means for them to be baptized.
  • Children can attend an age-appropriate baptism class with their parents that will help families learn about baptism and discern what it means for their child to be baptized.

2015 Service Dates

Our next Baptism Sunday will take place on August 23. If you or your child is interested in being baptized on that day, plan to join us for our required Baptism classes on July 26. There’ll be 2 classes available at 9:15am, before our 10am Gathering. The Kids + Family class will take place in Room 401, while the concurrent High School + Adults class will take place in Room 403. No registration required.

Baptism Resources

For those who wish to learn more about baptism, the following resources may prove helpful:

Baptism Service 2013 – Steve Argue
Religion, Rites + Rituals: Baptism – Kent Dobson

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