Serving With
Fifty6 [5th + 6th grade]

Attend weekly programs on Sunday evenings throughout the school year

Time Commitment: varies but expect between 3-6 hours per week

Fifty6 meets in Room 403. Outside events and RELA activities take place at various locations

Application process: complete application, receive background check and interview with team leader.

In order to help students discover and live the best kind of life—the life God made us to live, a LifeGroup Leader will live, show up, relate, and pastor.

Live – a LifeGroup Leader lives the best kind of life by actively pursuing:

  • truth through the study of the Bible
  • the restoration of all things including myself
  • wholeness – mind, body, soul, emotions, and experiences all offered together to God
  • community – a life that was never meant to be lived alone
  • choices that make me a compelling force for good in the world
  • the belief that hope is real and tomorrow can be better than today

Show up – a LifeGroup Leader commits to show up by:

  • preparing for and attending weekly programs
  • spending time with and contacting his/her students outside of weekly programs
  • attending events
  • attending leader dinners/meetings/trainings
  • planning at least 3 RELA Nights with his/her students
  • attending the Mars Hill Students Leaders’ Retreat [Sept 7-9, 2012] at Timberwolf Lake Camp in Lake City, MI
  • thoroughly reading and promptly responding to weekly emails and all other forms of communication

Relate – a LifeGroup Leader commits to know and pray for each of his/her students in order to build trusting relationships with and among them so that we can love God, each other, and the world.

Pastor – a LifeGroup Leader is a pastor, Christ’s gift to the church to equip his/her students for works of service so that the Body of Christ may be built up. As a pastor he/she commits to:

  • inspire students to discover who God made them to be and who he’s called them to be in the world
  • care for them along the way
  • help students hear the cry of those around them
  • give students opportunities to serve