Serving With
Anthem [high school]

Attend weekly program on Sunday nights during the school year.

Time Commitment
Varies but expect between 3-6 hours per week.

All Mars Hill Student programs and LifeGroups meet in the Mars Hill Student Room. Outside events and RELA activities take place at various locations.

Application Process
Complete application, receive background check, and interview with team leader.

A Family is a small community of LifeGroup Leaders and other volunteers empowering one another to help students live the best kind of life—the life God made us to live. Each Family is led by Family Leaders who live, show up, relate, and pastor in order to support and lead their Family to serve students.

Live – A Family Leader lives the best kind of life by actively pursuing:

  • truth through the study of the Bible
  • the restoration of all things including himself/herself
  • wholeness – mind, body, soul, emotions, and experiences all offered together to God
  • community – a life that was never meant to be lived alone
  • choices that make him/her a compelling force for good
  • the belief that hope is real and tomorrow can be better

Show up – a Family Leader shows up by participating in:

  • relationships with the members of their Family
  • weekly programs
  • events
  • monthly meetings
  • regular communication with staff and Family members
  • the Mars Hill Students Leaders’ Retreat [Sept 7-9, 2012] at Timberwolf Lake Camp in Lake City, MI

Relate – Family Leaders encourage community among and build relationships with all volunteers in their Family. They commit to pray for and know each of the volunteers in their Family in order that together they can love God, each other, and the world.

Pastor – Family Leaders provide support, encouragement, and accountability to volunteers in their commitment to live, show up, relate, and pastor.