Sunday Classroom Team [Elementary]

Our Sunday Classroom Team works together to facilitate morning programs in Elementary, telling Bible stories, and leading kids in worship and prayer. We’d love for you to join our team!

Mars Hill Kids

This team is made up of Room Leaders and Shepherds. We have weekly and bi-weekly serving roles, during the 10am Gathering. A pre-serving interview is required.

We’re looking for people who enjoy interacting with and caring for kids, and we’re looking for relational leaders who can work flexibly together to ensure kids are well cared for and taught. Shepherds must be able to lead a small group of children through a provided lesson. Room Leaders must be able to administer a time schedule, lead others, teach in a large group room, and interact with people of all ages [kids, parents, and volunteers]. No experience is necessary for any of these roles.

Email and we’d be happy to talk with you more.

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