The.element LifeGroup Leader Coach

The.element [7th + 8th grade]

Attend weekly programs on Sunday nights throughout the school year

Varies but expect between 2-4 hours per week

The.element meets in 509 [West Entrance].
Outside events and RELA activities take place at various locations.
The.element students and volunteers enter through the Mars Hill West doors.

Mars Hill Student application, 2 references, 2 background checks, and interview with Ministry Pastor

LifeGroup Leader Coaches lead and empower our LifeGroup Leaders. LGL Coaches show up each week to encourage, relate, and pastor leaders. LifeGroup Leader Coaches work closely with the Ministry Pastor to lead leaders.

LIVE – A LifeGroup Leader Coach lives the best kind of life, the life God created us to live

SHOW UP – a LifeGroup Leader Coach is committed to showing up mentally + physically as a full and active participant

RELATE – LifeGroup Leader Coaches encourage community among and build relationships with volunteers. They commit to pray for and know a group of LifeGroup Leaders in order that together they can love God, each other, and the world.

PASTOR – LifeGroup Leader Coaches provide support, encouragement, and accountability to volunteers in their commitment to live, show up, relate, and pastor.

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