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New’s For Two’s

We just opened up our 2’s Yellow room, which invites our newest group of 2 year olds to join the warm, welcoming, and loving environment that is our Preschool. In this new room, we’ll help these little ones make a smooth transition from babies to preschool by continuing to teach them about God and his love for them in age-appropriate ways. If you’d like to help us guide and love these little ones, contact

Thank You For The Thank Yous

After our Journey to the Cross Experience on Palm Sunday, we received a number of thank yous from parents and volunteers, and would love to share them with you!

  • “I wanted to take a moment to thank anyone involved in this past week’s Journey to the Cross event. I cannot express how special this event was for me and my family. My wife and I have the utmost respect for Mars Hill Kid’s ministry and love hearing about how much our children enjoy their time at “church school”. Events like this take it a step further and help us experience God’s story together. The event was very enlightening to all of us and something we will remember for a long time.”
  • “We loved having it designed for kids and being able to go through it with our kids. At the 2nd station, my 3rd grader got pale and turned to me and said, “Mom, I get it now. This really happened.” She was teary through many of the other stations.  It is the first time that the reality of what Jesus went through for us has sunk in! My 1st grader couldn’t stop asking questions about all of it after being able to see, touch, and experience the stations. We also loved the private stations to pray together! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
  • “Last week was awesome! I can’t imagine how much dreaming and planning and gathering and setting up went into this. Incredible and so meaningful. Thank you!”


Summer Service Trip

This August 16-20, The.element [our 7th + 8th grade ministry] will head to Detroit to serve our brothers and sisters there, while learning about poverty, diversity, social justice issues, and issues surrounding the availability of nutritious food in low-income urban environments. Want to join us? Don’t wait—spots are limited. Visit to fill out an application.

Fun Facts From The Past 52

This year at The.element we played with 200 laser pointers, had 50 simultaneous pillow fights, consumed 46 pounds of bacon, shot 231 foam finger rockets, watched 5 funny kitten videos, ordered 72 pizzas, opened up our Bibles at least 136 times and sang 114 worship songs. It takes more than 30+ volunteers to pull off all that happens each week, and we appreciate each and every one of you! If this sounds like something you’d like to take part in, check out to learn how.

Volunteer Opportunities

Lead Our Leaders

A Family is a small group of LifeGroup Leaders and other volunteers who empower one another. Family Leaders serve by supporting and leading their Family, as those members strive to serve and guide our students. Serving in this role requires a commitment to attend weekly programs on Sundays from Sept-May so you could expect to serve for 2-3 hrs/wk. Learn more at

Walk With Our 5th-12th Graders

Our church has 104 Youth Pastors. We call them LifeGroup Leaders. LifeGroup Leaders walk with 6-12 students on a weekly basis, connecting with them in daily life and pastoring them each week during student programming. Serving in this role requires a commitment to attend weekly programs on Sundays from Sept-May plus RELA nights and special events so you could expect to serve for 3-6 hrs/wk. Learn more at


Apply For A Grassroots Grant

Mars Hill Grassroots are organizations that reflect the Mars Hill mission of bringing about measurable change in the world. If your organization is interested in applying for one of this year’s grants, visit and submit your application by June 1.

Community Life

I Have An Idea

Interested in starting a new group or teaching a class? We’d love to hear more about your idea and talk more about what leadership at Mars Hill entails. Email

Men’s Bible Study

Men, join us on Wednesday nights from 7-9pm in Room 502 to find community with men of all ages while growing in the knowledge of God. Each week we’ll spend time in prayer and small group discussion. It could be just what you need to take the next step in your faith journey, or simply a chance to meet a few new friends.

News + Events

Elementary Programming Will Be Extended Through July

To help support our Elementary Kids through the summer, we’ll once again be extending our K-3 programs through June and July. The format will change a bit this year, however. From 9:30am-10:15am, Elementary Kids will check-in in the North Hallway before worshiping in the Shed with their family. [We said we want to gather everyone together and we meant it. Worshiping as a family and allowing our leaders to worship with our community is important to us.] Once worship is over, all of the kids that were checked-in for Elementary programming will be dismissed with our Elementary Leaders to age-appropriate programming and picked up as usual after the Gathering. Sound simple enough? With your help, it will be.

Spiritual Life Survey Results

Thank you again to everyone who took our Spiritual Life Survey in February. We had almost 1700 responses—a 57% response rate! [Average churches get 20% so our first finding was that our community is pretty amazing, but we already knew that.] On May 17, Steve Argue shared some of the results during our 9am + 11am Gatherings. If you weren’t able to attend these Gatherings, be sure to grab an overview handout from our Welcome Center.


Single Summer Services Begin