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8th Graders Go To Anthem – Apr 27

8th graders—you’re invited to be our special guests at Anthem on Sunday, Apr 27 from 7:30-9:15pm in the Student Room. [Just plan on sticking around after The.element with your LifeGroup Leaders.] Then come hang with Rocky, Hannah, and the Anthem team, and get a look at where you’ll be next year.  

Investing In Our Leaders

Over the past 3 years, we’ve been blessed to offer our Student Leaders the opportunity to engage with such incredible leaders as Andy Root, Kara Powell, and Scot McKnight—and this year was no exception. On March 1, hundreds of MHS volunteers gathered to learn from Princeton Theological Seminary’s Professor of Youth, Church + Culture, Kenda Creasy Dean, during our 1-day MHS Collaborative. Please pray that God would help them process what they learned at this experience and guide them in their ministry here.

5th-8th Graders—Follow The Leader

You follow people on Twitter, follow friends on Instagram, follow certain YouTube channels... but what does it really mean to be a follower? Middle Schoolers—join us in Fifty6 and The.element on Sunday nights this month to explore the gospel of Matthew and find out what it means to follow Jesus.

News + Events

Leaning Into A Variety Of Voices

We have a number of great guest teachers lined up for this spring! On May 4, author and executive editor of Christianity Today, Andy Crouch, will lead us through a combined worship/teaching experience, while author/speaker/activist/public theologian, Brian McLaren guest teaches on May 18. 

Join Us To Reflect On Good Friday

On April 18—You’re invited to join us in the Shed from 3-9pm to reflect on the Gospel accounts of the crucifixion. At the start of each hour, Mars Hill staff and lay pastors will lead those gathered together in a brief reflection, while interactive stations will be available throughout the Shed to help you engage in the spirit of Good Friday and connect more fully with the words from our teaching series. We hope you can join us.

It’s A Guest, It’s A Guest. Sakes Alive, Well I’ll Be Blessed.

We have a number of great guest teachers lined up for this spring—from author and Denver Community Church Pastor, Michael Hidalgo in March, to our very own Meredith Dancause in April, then author and executive editor of Christianity Today, Andy Crouch, plus author/speaker/activist/public theologian, Brian McLaren in May. Keep an eye on to learn more as the dates arrive.

Groups + Classes

Putting A Ring On It?

If you’re engaged, and seeking premarital counsel, our 3-week Pre-Marriage Class is a great opportunity to explore topics such as conflict resolution, communication, sexual intimacy, finances, and spiritual oneness. Our next series takes place on Thursdays, April 17, 24, and May 1 from 6:30-8:30pm. Learn more at

EXEGY Open Enrollment Ends May 1

Applications for our 2014-2015 EXEGY classes ends soon! Don’t miss your chance to walk with gifted Mars Hill staff and elders during this 9-month program where you’ll unfold a deeper understanding of who God is, what he’s calling you to, and how you might lead others in this same pursuit. Learn more at our final info Gathering on April 28 at 7pm. Plus, don’t miss our next Immerse classes [a pre-requisite for EXEGY] on April 16 or May 14. More info, and links to register and apply online can be found at

Understanding Wealth Begins Apr 15

What did Jesus mean when he said to store up heavenly treasure? What is excess wealth? Led by Elder, Ron David, this class explores the concept of wealth and how to use it wisely. Join us on Tuesdays, Apr 15-May 13 from 7-8:30pm, in Room 501.

Volunteer Opportunities

Could You Be My Buddy?

Our Special Needs Ministry is looking for a Sunday morning one-on-one buddy for a 16-year-old student with Autism. Please contact Amber at to learn more.

Serve At Walk For Water

Want to know how we manage to pull off a big event like Walk for Water each year? It’s through volunteers like you. Would you be willing to serve our Outreach Team by helping set up, manning an experience station, or assisting with the variety of other tasks it takes to host our Walk for Water on May 17? Email Megan at to learn more.

It’s Tough To Be 2

When you’re 2, you get a bad rap. You’re known for throwing tantrums, but hey— life isn’t just one big nap. You’re just learning to run and kick and catch, when all of a sudden you’ve graduated from Babies to Preschool. It’s enough to make anyone throw their head back. So help us give these little guys and gals a smooth transition. This April, we’ll need new 9am + 11am Room Leaders and Shepherds to help as our newest 2’s enter Preschool. Learn more at


Formative Fun

Fun activities encourage and celebrate the variety of ways that kids learn through a theory much like multiple intelligences.

  • Games can help children recall or apply what they are learning.
  • Acting out a Bible story or drama can help kids better retain the main details and characters of the story.
  • Craft projects can help integrate concepts with existing life experiences.
  • Science experiments bring to life the extraordinary ways that kids see our world and help them enter into God’s story.
  • Music and movement encourages kids to express their feelings and ask questions about who God really is.
It’s through this freedom and acceptance that our kids are allowed to be kids, and able to learn in the best possible way that we need Jesus both on happy days and on hard days. Learn more about Mars Hill Kids >

This Calls For Celebration

On Feb 23, we celebrated the dedication of 18 children at Mars Hill. Please join us in praying for the kids and their families:

  • William Grandon, Kristana Koster + Ron Beard
  • Shiloh Grace, Rachelle, + Nathan Blacquiere
  • Carter Michael, Reese Ann, Carla, + Rick Bolhuis
  • Leah Joy, Anita, + Tyler Buitenwerf
  • Cecilia Kendall + Rebekah Burge
  • Lisbet Fay, Lauren, + Devon Carlson
  • Jameson David, Emily, + Matthew Carmichael
  • Evelyn Joy, Amanda, + Max Hotchkin
  • Keira Joy, Anna Johnson, + Chris Richardson
  • Eleanor Lou, Katie, + Ted Kelbel
  • Treyton Lee, Megan, + Michael Kelder
  • Carolyn Jane, Melissa, + Larry Oppenhuizen
  • Brooke Marie, Nicole, + Jim Pachulski
  • Hudson Ross, Kara, + Ross Poll
  • Lily Judith, Rachael Dumond, + Justin Richards
  • Fiona Louisa, Sara, + Chad Soukup
  • Teegan, Michelle, + Jared Vermeulen
Our next Child Dedication takes place on May 4 with the Teaching Night on Monday, Apr 21 from 6:30-7:30pm. Learn more and register at

Field Trip!

On March 8, a group of Preschool volunteers will attend the Illuminate Kids Volunteer Conference hosted by Ada Bible Church. We are excited to see our volunteers get the chance to connect with other Kids Ministry volunteers, be encouraged, and receive added practical training on how they can best serve the kids of Mars Hill


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