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Our Sunday Gatherings take place at 9am + 11am at Mars Hill.

Interested in what’s coming up at Mars Hill? Below is our current and upcoming text focus as well as our schedule for teaching and worship.

Teacher/Worship Leader
Our current teaching series is The Life of Jesus.
[Jan 18]Kent Dobson/Troy Hatfield
[Jan 25]Kent Dobson/Troy Hatfield
[Feb 1]Kent Dobson/Troy Hatfield
[Feb 8]Kent Dobson/Troy Hatfield
[Feb 15]Kent Dobson/Troy Hatfield
[Feb 18]
6:30am + 12noon
Ash Wednesday
[Feb 22]Steve Carter/Aaron Niequist
[March 1]Kent Dobson/Troy Hatfield
[March 8]Tony Jones/Troy Hatfield
[March 15]Dan Allender/Troy Hatfield
[March 22]Andy Soper/Troy Hatfield
[March 29]Kent Dobson/Troy Hatfield

All scheduling information is subject to change. Click here for info on our teachers and worship leaders.


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Our Sunday Gatherings take place at 9am + 11am at Mars Hill.

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