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Spiritual Practices

Think of it as keeping your ears open, in ways and in places and in times of the day when before you wouldn’t have thought to listen. Think of it as tuning yourself to recognize God’s voice, as becoming someone who regularly, intentionally hears.

Spiritual practices are exactly what their name suggests; they’re ways to be deliberate about matters of the soul. A spiritual practice is a tool for becoming aware of God within the normalcy of life—it injects the sacred into elements that could otherwise seem just everyday. So in applying spiritual practices, we find that the lines can be blurred between those things spiritual and what is secular:

Gratitude can happen when we’re mowing the lawn; worship and grocery shopping are compatible; God can be pursued on the evening commute.

Commonly observed spiritual practices include prayer, confession, meditation, and fasting. We’ve made three other practices available here: Lectio Divina, the Prayer of Examen, and the Daily Office. Learn more about these practices and find resources for incorporating them into your life by clicking below.

Lectio Divina

This ancient practice comes from the Christian monastic tradition and gets its name from the Latin words meaning reading and divine/holy. It incorporates listening, meditation, prayer, and contemplation in order to experience the presence of God. It can be practiced by both individuals and groups.Download a guide for Lectio Divina [pdf]

The Prayer of Examen

This four-stage prayer is primarily an exercise in remembering. One is invited to reflect on experiences from the past 24 hours, practicing gratitude and response for the presence of God. Two versions of this prayer are available: a more detailed, guided version and a simpler, short version. Both can be practiced by individuals or groups.Download the guided version [pdf]Download the short version [pdf]

The Daily Office

This practice is a set rhythm of Scripture reading, singing, and prayer that is observed by Christians the world over. With the first prayers of the office beginning at 3:45am, many people choose to participate in only certain parts of the practice rather than in its entirety. The Daily Office can be found online at, or we invite you to learn more by checking out one or more of the resources on the document available below.Download info about The Daily Office [pdf]

Spiritual Practices Reader

Spiritual practices took center stage of our Sunday Gatherings during July and August 2009. The Spiritual Practices Reader used during that series, however, is still as relevant today. Take a look and discover how creating space for God to dwell in our midst can help uproot despair and the loss of imagination.Download the Spiritual Practices Reader.